Back Pain Sucks

I’m just venting.

Because I am in pain.

I’ve already had two back surgeries.

Two weeks ago I turned and sat in a chair and something “popped”. What followed was two days of pain where I could barely roll over.  On day four I was able to use a walker to get up. Fourteen days layer I was sore but felt okay.

Then I turned to grab more Halloween candy and felt electricity go up my spine.

Now I’m lying in bed, angry and anxious.

I have a doctors appointment a week from today. I’m afraid I need a fusion or something equally invasive.

Hopefully you are having a better Halloween than I am.

Bad Gun Handling – Big Hand Guns

I have friends who have never shot who want me to take them to the range. They always want to shoot the “big gun”.  That big gun might be a .357, .44 or even a 9mm depending on the shooter.

The point is that it is the responsibility of the gun owner to make sure the weapon you hand to a new shooter is i line with their skill.

10% of this is the shooters fault, but 90% of this issue comes from the person who should know better.

I’ve seen people accidentally pull the trigger when this happens:

The weapon is out of control and the new shooter grips it tighter, pulling the trigger in the process. Granted it is more likely with a semi-auto – but seeing this scares me.

Shoot safely.

Be smart.