The Rich Get Richer, We All Get Poorer

The right wing wants you to believe Hillary & Bernie want to “give you free stuff” – because they can’t see “Don’t tax the rich, they own us.”

I pay more taxes as a % of my income than millionaires and billionaires. That is wrong.

Them getting millions more in their pocket don’t stimulate anything but their own bank accounts.

Trickle Down Economics is a lie and everyone with any education knows it.

The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 10)

The Walking Dead, Season 6

Episode 10, The Next World


The Next World kicks off a few days or weeks after the mid season opening.

Carl is a one eyes pirate. He’s back on his feet and things in town have been mostly cleaned up. Things are quiet enough in town for Rick & Daryl to go on a supply run.2016_TWD_S6_E10_SupplyRun

When we come back from the first commercial Maggie sees someone walking into the woods with a shovel then cuts to Maggie talking to Enid. Enid has been disappearing and Maggie lets her know she’s earned her friendship. The man with the shovel is Deanna’s son Spencer. But he won’t tell Michonne why he’s brought the shovel.

Out on the road things look very deserted. Rick & Daryl follow Eugene’s suggestion to look for Sorghum seeds and instead find a small moving truck already pre-loaded with supplies. They stop at a gas station where Daryl waists some time trying to get Denise her present for Tara. Which is when a stranger wearing a dust mask runs into Daryl & Rick as they try to get into the snack machine.

The new guy introduces himself as Paul Monroe, then pulls down his dusk mask to show his beard and tell Rick his friends also call him Jesus. The guy says he doesn’t have a camp but Rick realizes he’s clean and his beard was trimmed. Rick realizes there is something up a hair too late. The new guy already stole the keys to the moving truck and is off. Time to try and track down the truck.2016_TWD_S6_E10_Tracking

Back near town Carl & Enid are out for a walk, exploring the woods. Enid asks him why and he says because their kids. Or maybe it’s because she’s a girl and he’s a boy and Carl just wants to get her away from the others so they can bond. While they are out in the woods Carl sees Michonne and Spencer, but doesn’t seem to care much. Enid uses the moment to tell Carl she doesn’t want to be out in the woods anymore. Which is when they run across a walker who I think is Deanna. Enid wants to kill it but Carl seems to understand what Spencer is looking for in the woods. Carl leads the walker Deanna to her son and Spencer gets the closure that he needed.

Back on the trail Rick & Daryl have caught up with the truck after their car thief caught a flat. Rick catches him but the man appears to have some serious fighting skills. He breaks free of Rick and then slams Daryl into the side of the van before Rick tackles him to the ground. They tie him up and leave him.

Or at least they think they’ve left him until he starts banging on the roof of the truck. There is a brief crazy chase then fight before the truck full of supplies gets knocked into neutral and rolls into a lake, knocking out Paul/Jesus in the process as it rolled by. At first Daryl wants to leave him lying in the grass until Rick asks him if Paul/Jesus pulled a gun on him (other than to save his life). Daryl realizes that Rick is right and figures they better put Paul up a tree. At least until we come back from another commercial and Paul is still out cold. Rick wants to make sure Paul is okay and have Denise look him over.

When Michonne finally gets back to the house she confronts Carl. She is a little mad and mostly concerned that he didn’t just kill Deanna instead of leading her around. Finally someone gives Carl a talking to – only to have it devolve into a sentimental statement about who should kill ex loved one walkers.

The episode ends with Rick & Michonne being really, really good friends. I guess Rick wasn’t that into Jessie after all. The last thing we see is Paul/Jesus waking Rick & Michonne up – telling Rick they need to talk.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The nervous way that Denise asks Daryl for the soda (pop) that tara mentioned in her sleep.
  • Rick & Daryl tracking the truck after it gets stolen.
  • When Paul/Jesus tells Daryl to duck and then Daryl says “Thanks” – punches Paul in the face, “This is my gun!”

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • How everyone appears to have forgotten about Negan?
  • Carl is once again free range? Is it too soon to tell Rick he needs to keep an eye on Carl?
  • After everything that has happened Rick is willing to give Paul/Jesus a chance after costing them the truck full of supplies? Come on.


  • We realize that Eugene knows a crap load about grains too.
  • We see Rick & Michonne connecting – with their lips. Books: