AquaBrick Portable Water Filtration System

You can go weeks without food, but a day without water will leave most people barely functional. Within three to five days you are dead. If you have a great constitution, or maybe are just unlucky, you can go a week without water. It is an agonizing way to go.

Suffering and dying from dehydration is torture. Being forced to drink unclean water and then die of dysentery may be worse. Having a multi layered plan to make sure you have clean drinking water is a key to you and your groups long term survival. This AquaBrick Portable Water Filtration System gives you the ability to turn unclean water into potable water, and it is portable, so you can fill up when you can, and then keep moving, which is a critical apocalypse survival feature.

Whether it is a hurricane, a tornado, or a zombie apocalypse, be sure you have the ability to supply yourself with clean water, keep one of these AquaBricks on your shelf, ready for when the utilities are go offline for good.

AquaBrick Portable Water Filtration System Scoring

A multilayered approach to making sure you have plenty of potable water is key to survival. This AquaBrick System is one of those critical layers and scores 980/1000 because it can have an Extreme Impact on your survival.

  • Portable water purification system purifies ANY non-salt water source
  • Ideal for outdoor recreation, camping, scouting, & emergency preparedness.
  • Filters a half gallon per minute.
  • Each filter purifies up to 700 gallons.
  • Uses simple air pressurized filtration system.
  • High performance filter removes 99.99999% of all bacteria.
  • Removes 99.9999% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium.
  • Removes 99.99% of Viruses.
  • Drink your swimming pool water! Filters up to 500 Gallons of residential pool water.

Food/Cooking Survival Gear

ImpactCategoryItemRankBuy NowEst Price
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingAquaBrick Portable Water Filtration System980AquaBrick Portable Water Filtration System<br />
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingHigh-Capacity Water Filter System975High-Capacity Water Filter System$120
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingLifeStraw with Gravity Bag970LifeStraw with Gravity Bag$35
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingEmergency Water Storage Tanks928Emergency Water Storage Tanks$1350
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingWater Purification Tablets922Water Purification Tablets$10
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingBulk Sea Salt917Bulk Sea Salt$37
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingSurvival Garden Seed Pack916Survival Garden Seed Pack$32
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingLifeStraw Personal Water Filter915LifeStraw Personal Water Filter$18
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingEmergency Survival Water Pouches910Emergency Survival Water Pouches$34
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingMojave Hydration Backpack902Mojave Hydration Backpack$35
Extreme Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingCollapsible 2 QT Water Canteen901Collapsible 2 QT Water Canteen$22
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingPinto Beans871Pinto Beans$63
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingLong Grain White Rice870Long Grain White Rice$59
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingCooked Ground Beef817Cooked Ground Beef$75
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingSurvival Coffee816Survival Coffee$115
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingTree Stand806Tree Stand$450
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingCooked Diced Chicken804Cooked Diced Chicken$55
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingEmergency Food Kit803Emergency Food Kit$120
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingSouthwest Chili Mix802Southwest Chili Mix$37
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/Cooking15 Day Food Supply80115 Day Food Supply$70
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingInstant Nonfat Dry Milk799Instant Nonfat Dry Milk$21
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingGame Processor Kit783Game Processor Kit$70
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingEmergency Food Rations763Emergency Food Rations$90
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingDehydrated Potato Shreds762Dehydrated Potato Shreds$27
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingTundra Portable Wheeled Cooler725Tundra Portable Wheeled Cooler$450
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingCut Resistant Gloves680Cut Resistant Gloves$10
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingButter Powder656Butter Powder$20
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingDehydrated Chopped Onions655Dehydrated Chopped Onions$12
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingTravel Refrigerator537Travel Refrigerator$390
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingJerky Seasoning Kit533Jerky Seasoning Kit$20
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingFood Dehydrator527Food Dehydrator$140
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingPeanut Butter Powder517Peanut Butter Powder$17
High Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingTitanium Pot Backpacking Mug514Titanium Pot Backpacking Mug$51
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingSPAM366SPAM$33
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingBiscuits & Gravy351Biscuits & Gravy$10
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingGatorade Powder Packets350Gatorade Powder Packets$26
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingScrambled Egg Mix310Scrambled Egg Mix$57
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingGas/Electric Chest Freezer301Gas/Electric Chest Freezer$1650
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingSoy Sauce279Soy Sauce$23
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingCooking Tripod275Cooking Tripod$43
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingAluminum Camping Cookware Set273Aluminum Camping Cookware Set$40
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingFreeze Dried Sliced Strawberries266Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries$35
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingMolle Water Bottle Pouch263Molle Water Bottle Pouch$11
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingPortable Butane Stove259Portable Butane Stove$35
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingNeoprene Water Bottle Holder253Neoprene Water Bottle Holder$16
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingYETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug250YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingSugar Packets248Sugar Packets$19
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingTitanium Ice Pick232Titanium Ice Pick$50
Moderate Survival ImpactSurvival Food/Cooking6 Gallon Water Containers2146 Gallon Water Containers$35
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingTitanium Hip Flask192Titanium Hip Flask$50
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingYETI Rambler 14 oz Mug191YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug$30
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingCookware Mess Kit189Cookware Mess Kit$56
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingPre-Seasoned Dutch Oven181Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven$45
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingFolding Campfire Grill179Folding Campfire Grill$87
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingSingle Serving Coffee Packs176Single Serving Coffee Packs$135
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingRootbeer Can Diversion Safe103Rootbeer Can Diversion Safe$13
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingChocolate Milk Mix97Chocolate Milk Mix$28
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingFishing Rod Storage50Fishing Rod Storage<br />
Low Survival ImpactSurvival Food/CookingTitanium Spork And Spoon26Titanium Spork And Spoon$17
  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.

See the one thousand items of Survival Gear you need to survive the Apocalypse!

Day Zero

Day Zero is the story of a prisoner who is almost ready for parole. His plan of being released and reuniting with his family is thrown into chaos when the Zombie Apocalypse rages through his city. His only choice is to use his military training to escape and find his wife and daughter before the undead kill them all.

Day Zero
Day Zero

Day Zero Scoring

How does the movie rank? Day Zero scores 48/100, making it perfect for a rainy day. It had some good action scenes and some comic relief. It just didn’t cover any new ground. That isn’t always a horrible thing, but the action and plot have to make up for it. At least if you don’t want points taken away because of it.

If you are looking for something that has good special effects and lots of good action scenes, Day Zero is for you. It may not have the most original plot ever, but there are lots of good action scenes to make up for it.

Day Zero – Multi Kill

Spoilers Below

Brandon Vera plays Emon, the ex military man who knows how to kick ass. His side kick is Timoy, played by Pepe Herrera, adds some comic relief. He is also teaching Emon sign language so he can talk to his daughter.

The Zombies in Day Zero are blind. So you better not make any noise. Good thing Emon’s daughter uses ASL to communicate. Clearly the writes watched Bird Box.

The big points were taken away for having a very formulaic plot and falling into the same traps as a hundred other Zombie Movies. Small group makes it to safety after heavy fighting? Who isn’t going to make sure no one was bitten? Right up to the very end, the movie fairly well telegraphs where its going.

My advice is to save it for a Rainy Day and enjoy it with a few drinks.

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Breaching Tool

When it comes to getting through doors this Breaching Tool is just what you need. Pre apocalypse I keep one in my vehicle and another on the back of my go bag. The MOLLE compatible carrying system means I can attach it to multiple pieces of gear depending on where I’m going and what I’m expecting to encounter.

Pre apocalypse, this actually makes a great work out tool. Get yourself a few old tires and use this Breaching Tool like a sledge hammer to beat away at them. (Just be careful and don’t hurt yourself. Know you limits and stay within them.)

Post Apocalypse this Tool will be your magic key into all those houses and vehicles that are locked up. Since it is also a heavy duty piece of equipment, it is also great for self defense. I don’t care if its Zombie Skulls or other scavengers – getting hit with this Breaching Tool is going to do some damage.

Breaching Tool Scoring

This Breaching Tool can have a Extreme Impact on your survival and scores 929/1000.

I keep one in my vehicle as a survival/escape tool, and another at my bolt hole to use when it is time to scavenge.

  • Forged and machined head fro hammering and ramming
  • Forged pry bar end
  • Molded fiberglass handle
  • MOLLE compatible carrying system
  • Quick-release strap
ImpactCategoryItemRankBuy NowEst Price
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearBreaching Tool929Breaching Tool$400
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearDoor Bar927Door Bar$95
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearWeapon Mounted Light926Weapon Mounted Light$120
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearFlex Cuffs925Flex Cuffs$13
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearHammerhead Cane918Hammerhead Cane$125
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearBrass Cane911Brass Cane$36
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearCold Steel Defense Baseball Bat909Cold Steel Defense Baseball Bat$25
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearCondor Golok Machete908Condor Golok Machete$98
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearTwo Handed Machete907Two Handed Machete$50
Extreme Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearRazor Wire906Razor Wire$77
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearPepper Gel Spray890Pepper Gel Spray$15
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearHidden Compartment Shelf885Hidden Compartment Shelf$105
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearBiometric Locking Gun Safe880Biometric Locking Gun Safe$110
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearMossy Oak Crossbow815Mossy Oak Crossbow$435
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearSurvival Whistle807Survival Whistle$8
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearAnti Kick Deadbolt Strike Plate784Anti Kick Deadbolt Strike Plate$30
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearShotgun Ammo Cartridge Pouch765Shotgun Ammo Cartridge Pouch$14
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearTactical Vest740Tactical Vest$136
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearVehicle Handgun Mount735Vehicle Handgun Mount$50
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearAir Horn700Air Horn$12
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearOne Handed Axe675One Handed Axe$77
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearChicken Wire602Chicken Wire$88
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearThrowing Tomahawks601Throwing Tomahawks$56
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearCyclone Spear556Cyclone Spear$105
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearDamascus Folded Steel Katana555Damascus Folded Steel Katana$190
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearRungu Club534Rungu Club$55
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearWireless Alarm Kit529Wireless Alarm Kit$140
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearLock-It Block-It528Lock-It Block-It$30
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearWaterproof Maps522Waterproof Maps$15
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearConstruction/Framing Nails521Construction/Framing Nails$9
High Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearKinetic Projectile Launcher508Kinetic Projectile Launcher$410
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearRecurve Bow365Recurve Bow$113
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearWindow Restrictors280Window Restrictors$34
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearSpeakeasy Door Grill With Viewing Door278Speakeasy Door Grill With Viewing Door$45
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearFixed Blade Knife251Fixed Blade Knife$20
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearLightweight Riot Helmet249Lightweight Riot Helmet$41
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearChainmail Shirt246Chainmail Shirt$200
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearSelf Defense Umbrella240Self Defense Umbrella$133
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearGun Magnets238Gun Magnets$30
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearConcealment End Table237Concealment End Table$105
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearTactical Axe Hiking Staff234Tactical Axe Hiking Staff$106
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearSelf Defense Siren233Self Defense Siren$36
Moderate Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearFirearm Gun Safe222Firearm Gun Safe$70
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearHide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock194Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock$8
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearFolding Pocket Knife193Folding Pocket Knife$36
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearSheepsfoot Knife175Sheepsfoot Knife$45
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearBook Safe104Book Safe$14
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearPrivacy Window Film95Privacy Window Film$25
Low Survival ImpactSecurity Survival GearWall Mounted Gun Holders51Wall Mounted Gun Holders$20
  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.

See the one thousand items of Survival Gear you need to survive the Apocalypse!