Chris Christie – Makes Me Ashamed Of Living In New Jersey

This man makes me ashamed to be from New Jersey.

First he basically admits that the Republicans are a party of the rich – and then he attacks poor people by conflating the drive to succeed with raising the minimum wage.

The bottom line is that the minimum wage should not force a family to live in poverty. We are a very rich country. The rich can do with a few less mansions and a few less BMW’s if it means that everyone can feed their family and buy shoes.

I don’t understand how anyone making less than $250,000 a year can even think about voting Republican. Unless you are in the upper tiers of income, everything they want means you are voting against your own best interest.

I’ll Fix The World Thursdays – War On Drugs

The War on Drugs has failed.

Not because of a lack of effort, or loss of treasure, or worst of all, life.

Want to fix the war on drugs and decrease spending by billions that can be put towards fixing our infrastructure and making sure everyone can go to college?

Fully legalize marijuana. Tax the hell out of it.

Fully legalize the bad stuff. You need a “buyer’s card” to purchase it. You can’t drive or work for the federal government if you have a “buyer’s card”. If you don’t have kids you get the option of reversible birth control (clips or IUD) or a more permanent option.

If you have kids you get offered counseling as well as the option to give them up. If you have kids you have to submit to a monthly visit from a social worker. If you can’t safely take care of them they get taken from you.

If you can’t hold down a job you can live in government housing. Clean, safe, well regulated housing. You get your drugs and food. It is still cheaper than the drug war. And it is still cheaper than putting someone in jail for decades.

Crime will go down.

Violence will go down.

The money from illegal drugs will be taken out of the system.

I’d rather pay taxes to keep a junkie high in his well regulated and structured building than worrying about being robbed in the parking garage.

Other countries have done it and shown that it is cheaper than prison and fighting the war on drugs. Put violent offenders in jail – not drug addicts. It only costs us more money and hardens them into worse criminals.

There is a small percentage of the population that is going to be terminally addicted. It is sad. Instead of torturing them with prison and putting money into the pockets of the corporations who want “3 strike” rules we should treat them as humanely as possible and deal with the drug issue as what it is – a horrible social issue that needs treatment, not prison.

Bad Gun Handling – Shoot Smart

At first glance it looks like this guy is doing the right things. He’s got eye and ear protection. Then you notice he’s shooting a big gun with a muzzle break – and the end of that weapon is right next to his break lights.

Not a huge shocker when it blows to pieces.

Shoot smart, know your weapons and how the perform. With a little forethought this guy wouldn’t have had to spend a hundred bucks on a new taillight.

The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 11)

Episode 11, The Distance


At the end of Episode 10 Aaron has come to talk to Rick. Episode 11 kicks off with Maggie bringing Aaron into the barn, where everyone naturally is a little wary.

Aaron shows Team Rick the steal walls they have at their base camp and does his best to convince Rick that they should try and “join up.” Right up until Rick decks him.2015_TWD_S5_E11_Aarn
After Rick knocks him out they search his gear and find a flare gun in his bag. When he wakes up Rick wants to know how many people Aaron has out in the woods – but Aaron basically ignores the question and tries to make his sales pitch again.

Rick is sure Aaron is trying to set them up but Michonne and Maggie want to believe. Michonne wants to go see Aaron really has a bus out on the road. It rapidly turns into Michonne, Maggie, Glen, Rosita, and Abraham going to scout the situation.

After the scout leaves Rick has the rest of his team split up and hide out around the barn while he stays inside with Aaron.2015_TWD_S5_E11_Aaron_2

Rick warns him that if his scouts aren’t back in an hour he’s going to put a knife into his head. Little Ass Kicker is crying and Aaron has applesauce. But he doesn’t want to eat it at first. Aaron does his best to convince rick that Judith will be safe in their camp. It is big enough and guarded enough that she’ll be safe.

Out on patrol Glen says they need to be on alert and shoot anyone who comes at them. Michonne is more trusting, she thinks they might need to be less aggressive. The  scouts do indeed find a vehicle capable of carrying them all. Abraham & Rosita clear it and then find canned food.

When the scouts get back Michonne forces the vote and everyone agrees that the risk is worth going with Aaron. Only Aaron won’t tell them exactly how to get there. He gives them instructions to a highway, but Rick is going to go a different way. He still thinks its an ambush.

As they are driving some of Aaron’s responses are hoaky and Glenn ends up using their car as a zombie plow. But in the process Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron end up seperated from the RV and surrounded by the dead.

Aaron runs after they spot the flare, saying “This is done.” Then Glenn tracks him through the woods and tries to convince Glenn to go with him and leave the others.

What did the red flare mean? Was the whole thing a set up? Why bother risking it? What does Rick and team have that they wanted?

Rick and team head to the water tower where they think they saw the flare come from. Aaron then freaks out when he finds his good friend Eric wounded. They kiss and then Eric blames Aaron for his injury because when he does dumb stuff when he’s worried.

So everyone is together at the water tower. Aaron thanks them for saving Eric and he wants to repay them. And he will when they reach Alexandria.

When the sun comes up they are back on the road, heading to Alexandria.

They make it halfway there before the RV’s battery dies.

Rick still isn’t convinced everything is good and Michonne tries to tell him to let the anger and fear of everything go otherwise he’ll eat himself up. Rick is struggling with it though. Glenn gets the RV going again but Rick wanders off, going up to an abandoned house and hiding a gun in a blender. Regardless of what he tells Michonne, he’s not putting all his eggs in the trust basket.

When they reach Alexandria Rick hears kids and families. Which he didn’t hear at Terminus or at the Governor’s place.

Everyone get’s out of the vehicles and they approach the gated off area on foot.

And now we have to wait until next week until we find out if Rick was right to be untrusting.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Aaron’s dumb joke about dancing, but only on Friday nights. The joke wasn’t great, but  the flat reaction from everyone else was great.
  • Rick punching Aaron so he’ll shut up and stop spewing how great their community is.
  • Michhone. “You saved a crazy lady with a sword.” When she’s trying to convince Glenn that Team Rick really is good people.
  • The car through the walker horde plow scene was awesome. Nothing like buckets of blood on the hood.
  • Rick shooting a zombie in the head with a flare gun.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Seeing Abraham’s nipples through his sweaty shirt when he’s in the RV.
  • Michonne doesn’t look starved. So don’t pan across her beautiful curves if you want me to believe she’s been starving.

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Snowy Handgun Range Day


It snowed roughly four or five inches yesterday and even though the temps rose into the forties today it was a beautiful day out at the range.

My brother and I packed up the Jeep and headed out with a trio of handguns. Here is me unloading with my CZ-75:

My brother is relatively new to shooting and today was a good day for him. He started to find the target and fell in love with my Model 64. He took a very nice picture of its cylinder and I thought it looked even better in black and white.2015_Feb_22_SnowShooting_3All in all it was a good way to start my Sunday morning.

I have to say I love how smooth my CZ 75 is. The gun just moves well in my hand and I can shoot 9mm all day without wearing out my hands or wrists.

When comparing the Glock 23 to the CZ 75 I can definitely tell the step up to the .40 but the gun is just so ergonomically designed that even though it packs a lot more punch it doesn’t punish you for it.

When it comes to cleaning, the Glock 23 had both other weapons beat hands down. After 200 hundred rounds it was barely dirty other than the barrel. It is just so easy to maintain. The CZ 75 on the other hand gets pretty grimy, but I do love the half cock safety.

Next time I get a few hundred dollars I think I’m going to be going after a 9mm Glock.


CZ 75 Log:


Date Rounds Fired Comment
11/15/2013 200 Post Purchase Review
11/24/2013 400
12//26/2013 100
01//18/2014 200
06/07/2014 200 There was a long pause after my back surgery. Thankfully I am mobile again.
07/27/2014 100 A few rounds with my buddy, his son, and my youngest.
02/08/2015 100 A few rounds on a beautiful summer day in the middle of winter.
02/22/2015 100 A nice snow covered morning at the range with my brother.

Smith & Wesson Model 64 Log:


Date Rounds Fired Comment
02/08/2015 100 My first rounds with my new to me S&W Model 64.
02/22/2015 100 My brother really loved this revolver and he clearly shot it better than the semi autos.

Glock 23 Gen 4 Log:2015_Glock23


Date Rounds Fired Comment
02/08/2015 100 Thinking about buying this from a buddy.
02/22/2015 100 Love how easy this gun is to clean.