Bad Gun Handling – Firing Behind The Line

The first time I watched this clip I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I totally understand and agree that those with special needs should get whatever accommodations they need to safely participate in society. My disbelief here has nothing to do with the person in the wheelchair – but instead with the range master who allowed this to happen with people in front of him.

Never, ever, discharge a weapon when someone is in front of you on the line.

Never, ever.

Because that is how you accidentally kill someone.

Bad Gun Handling – Underwear Dude Rolling Down A Hill

I’m not sure if this guy is under the influence so I’m not going to say that.

What I am going to say is that you should never, ever, mix guns and alcohol (or any other drugs.)

Think about the guy holding camera, if that shotgun had another round he easily could have been shot when underwear dude went down.

Guns aren’t toys people.

Don’t make all us gun lovers look bad….please?