Jack Reacher (2012)

Jack Reacher (3 Out of 5)

I love action movies. I’ve been accused of liking some really bad action movies in the past, and I have to say, guilty as charged. I enjoy a good faced paced movie that is true to itself. It can be a bit off the wall and bend the laws of physics, just as long as it is consistent and true to its own rules.

Jack Reacher starts out strong and has a well built plot “twist”. There is a multiple shooting, the question is, who was the real target? Such a great set up for a movie. What brought it down?

I feel a little bad saying this, but I felt like Tom Cruise was a bit off in this film. It was almost like he was puffing up his chest every time he said a tough guy line. It just felt forced and corny.

The good…

  • Great plot.
  • Werner Herzog as “The Zec”. His performance was chilling as the lifelong survivor. 2013_JackReacher_WernerHerzog
  • Well built story with a good twist.
  • Robert Duvall, every scene he is in is better because of it.

The bad…

  • Some of the dialogue was just bad, really bad. Cringe worthy bad.
  • The bite your finger off scene. I felt like it was over the top.
  • The bathroom scene where the two bad guys get the drop on Jack and suddenly turn into the keystone cops. Really?
  • In the final fight scene Jack Reacher goes to the gunfight with nothing but a knife?

Defiance – Season 1 – Episode 1 & 2

Episodes  1 & 2, Pilot & Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go


Defiance takes place on a post apocalyptic earth after aliens have landed, terraformed, and generally laid waste to human kind. Several wars have been fought, and the economy appears to have been put back into a mostly barter based system.

Our main characters, Jeb and Irisa are an unlikely pair. He’s a ex soldier who has taken the fierce Irathient child Irisa Nyira as his adopted daughter. Jeb is simple and violent, but also funny and loveable, giving balance to the raw aggression that Irisa has in spades.

If you liked “The Game of Thrones” I think you will loke Defiance. It has intrigue,  action, great characters, and keeps you wanting more. I know I’m looking forward to next weeks episode.


Things I loved about this episode…

  • The relationship that Irisa and Jeb have. I love her intensity and how well she portrays pain and love with just a few facial expressions.
  • The multi layered story.
  • Seeing Julie Benz again (formerly Rita on Dexter) as Amanda, the Mayor.
  • Irisa’s kick *ss nature.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Episode 2 was not quiet so fast paced as the pilot. I’m hoping that next week’s episode picks up a bit.