Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 9

Episode  9


If you haven’t already watched the first two seasons its time now. Season three is just kicking off. Go watch Season 1 & Season 2. They are well worth watching again. The episode kicks off with one of the sheriff’s deputies by the evil druid (who we see for the first time as well). At school Scott is trying to make friends with one of the twins while Lydia is trying to get in the other twins pants. But Lydia’s make out session gets interrupted when Derek’s sister attacks.

Somehow back at the Argent’s Allison has jumped to the conclusion that her dad might be the dark druid. He does have the map, and now the knot table, but it still seems like a jump of logic. Which is shortly proven to be correct when Mr. Argent tries to fill the Darach with lead.

Oh no!!! The Darach is going after teachers, and Derek’s lady love is standing out all by her lonesome.

While all this is going on Stile’s is desperately trying to get his dad to believe in the supernatural, but he old Sheriff is just too solidly grounded in reality to believe what his son is saying, no matter how much Stiles tries to convince him. But then the Sheriff makes a strange request to Scott’s mom and he realizes that years ago someone else was killed in a very familiar way. (I’m not sure if the victim was his wife?)

Holy crap, Derek’s hot teacher just hit Lydia with a baseball bat. What the hell? Is she the Darach? Wow, when Lydia screams the Darach tells us what Lydia really is. Apparently she’s a “Banshee” which I’ms sure we will get more detail on later.

The Darach/Hot Teacher gets interrupted by the Sheriff just in time to safe Lydia, and he sees Scott wolf out. Scott charges but gets hit so hard in the chest he vomits some blood. The Darach is apparently quite strong.

The episode ends on a cliff hanger. We aren’t sure how bad Sheriff Stilinski is hurt or if he’s even alive.


Things I loved about this episode…

  • Allison is looking mighty fine this episode.
  • Stiles losing it on one of the twins in the stair well.2013_TW_E9_StilesTakeNoShit
  • I loved seeing Derek and the teacher running into each others arms when she sneaks out of school for a moment.2013_TW_E9_DerekTeacher
  • Stiles trying to tell his dad about the “other wold” that he lives in. He loves his dad so much, it’s just not working out for him.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Allison pulling Isaac into her room and holding him on the ground. I think they have a fling, and I already hate it.2013_TW_E9_AllisonBoobGrab
  • The evil druids face is really dumb.
  • Holy crap, is Derek’s love the bad guy? Poor bastard, he can’t win a fight an now he can’t love a girl without her being evil.