Bad Gun Handling – Trigger Fingers Guys

I’m not sure if those are air-soft guns or not and it doesn’t really matter.

If it shoots, you shouldn’t be putting your finger on the trigger unless you intend on pulling the trigger.

That is really the lesser of the two evils here though.

Unless the world is burning and you have no choice, you should never stick a weapon in your belt or waistband. You are just asking for trouble. The kind that causes you to blow off your own dangly bits.

Be safe, shoot safe…

Bad Gun Handling – Distractions

Does anyone know what was going on here? My guess is someone pulled her shorts down – while she was holding a firearm.

I can’t imagine what could go wrong right?

Guns aren’t toys and whenever you treat a firearm with anything less than total respect you put everyone in danger. I love to shoot, and I also really like having fun. There are a lot of ways to responsibly have fun with firearms.

This is not one of them. What if she had spun around with a loaded weapon and swept her friends? What if her finger was on the trigger?

Why risk it?

Bad Gun Handling – Proper Gear

I’m pretty sure this was a joke. But if you look carefully you can see that shotgun is discharging, so those are live rounds.

Having the proper gear doesn’t just mean wearing ears and eyes. It means being dressed for the weather while wearing clothes that don’t restrict your movements or leave you to try and grab your pants as they fall – which could result in that shotgun being aimed at something it’s not supposed to be aimed at.

Shoot safe, be safe…