Bad Gun Handling – Just Too Big For Her

Footage like this always scares the hell out of me. Someone could have been seriously hurt – and for what? What are the odds that this woman progressed from a .22 to a .38 to a 9mm and then maybe a .45?

I’m guessing not a huge chance. Which is sad. This is how you teach someone to hate guns, its also how you give non shooters ammunition against those of us who are responsible gun owners.

Kansas Tax Cuts

Will this shut up all the right wing nuts who want to give the rich more money? It only resulted in every social program and schools being de-funded, so no harm right? As long the as the rich get richer who cares if poor people starve or the middle class is squeezed tighter and tighter.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is a traitor to this nation. He willfully ignores facts and outcomes and will keep pushing other states to do exactly what he did to Kansas.

A vote for the right is a vote to end our great nation!!!

The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 15)

The Walking Dead, Season 6

Episode 15, East


East is the last episode before the season finale. Did Carol really break or did she decide to go Savior hunting?

The episode kicks off with blood dripping from a car before the camera pans across the pavement, revealing Carol’s rosary  beads.

When we come back from the commercial break we see Carol the day she left. She has a brief moment of happiness in her man’s arms before she leaves.

Life in town goes on. Maggie and Glenn share a shower, Abraham and Sasha share a loving glance, and Rick wakes up with his arm around Michonne.2016_TWD_S6_E16_Rick_MichonneBed

As the town wakes up Daryl races off on his bike, and Rosita immediately follows him, saying she knows where he’s going – because he’s going to try and go kill Dwight. 2016_TWD_S6_E15_Darl_Drives_Away

This is followed by Rick & Morgan leaving to go find Carol after they discover she took one of the cars and made a run for it.

This doesn’t bode well for town. All the best fighters (except for Abraham) are now outside the wall.

Carol is on the road when a pickup approaches her. They don’t waste any time, they open fire as they pass her and take out a tire.2016_TWD_S6_E15_Tire_Destroyed

Carol puts her hands up and plays meek, saying she doesn’t have anything but a knife for the “dead ones”. The gunman don’t believe her, they tell her she’s got information. Carol gives them a line of bullshit, but they aren’t quite buying that she’s a nobody from nowhere. The gunman know about Alexandria and tell Carol they are going to use her to get into town. She begs them to just turn and go – which is when she uses the gun up her sleeve to down all of them but the driver in a hail of gunfire. She then gets lucky and manages to kill the driver with a spear from the car.

There is one left, hiding behind the car as blood drips from his friends bodies.2016_TWD_S6_E15_BloodyPuddle

We cut away to commercial just as the last Savior pulls a knife and charges Carol. We hear a shot but don’t know who got who yet.

Back in town Enid offers to help Maggie by taking part of her shift so she can rest and eat some pickles.

Out on the road Rick and Morgan are trying to decide if Carol went East or West. Rick tells Morgan he doesn’t even know Carol, but he disagrees, he did get to know her a little. Rick and Morgan were heading the right way though – they find the left overs of her battle with the Saviors before too long. Carol is gone, as well as most of the Saviors guns. Rick’s not sure if Carol’s alive, but they are going to follow the blood trail. As they walk Rick says there are more saviors, they didn’t end it, which allows Morgan to drop his truth bomb. They didn’t end anything, they started something. After Rick & Morgan walk into the field the one surviving Savior follows them into the field.

Daryl is pissed when Rosita, Glenn, and Michonne find him. He’s on a vengeance mission, he wants to find and kill Dwight. Glenn tries to talk some sense into him. They need to go back to Alexandria, to defend their home. Daryl tells him he can’t – he’s got to avenge Denise. Glenn & Michonne head back to Alexandria while Rosita goes with Daryl.

Just after Glenn & Michonne split off they are ambushed by Dwight, surrounded by gunman.

Rick and Morgan are chatting as they walk, apparently not worried about more Saviors or walkers hearing them. Morgan is playing the foil, trying to make us wonder if Rick has grown to hard. As they track the blood trail they find a farm with fresh undead swarming about it. There is a single survivor at the farm but he gets away as Morgan ruins Rick’s shot and then the two of them get back to philosophical discussions. At the end of the conversation Morgan tells Rick he needs to go back to Alexandria, the town needs him – Morgan will go find Carol.

When Rick gets back to town Abraham lets him in, but none of the others are back yet and it looks like it is starting to get dark.

Inside town Maggie asks Enid to help her again – to help her cut her hair. When Enid is done we get a few glances at Maggie before something goes wrong and she starts screaming – clutching her belly as she hits the ground.

Out in the woods Daryl finds Glenn & Michonne tied up – but doesn’t realize they are just bait until Dwight puts a gun to his head form behind. We see a splash of blood hit the screen and then we are left hanging.2016_TWD_S6_E15_Dwight_Daryl


If he is, we find the writers and the producers and we make them bring him back.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Did I almost get to see Maggie’s butt when she was in the shower with Glenn? Yes, Yes I almost did.
  • Rick saying he is proud of Carol. Rick – “That woman is a force of nature.”
  • Rick admitting that Michonne did steal Morgan’s protein bar.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Daryl needing to go off by himself to kill Dwight. I know he feels guilty for not killing Dwight in the burnt forest but come on.
  • All the chit chat between Morgan and Rick while they are supposed to be on a rescue mission. Come on, shut up, find Carol, and get back to Alexandria.
  • Daryl getting shot at the end. That is bullshit.


  • The first time we kind of almost see Maggie in the shower. Yay Maggie. Books: