The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 11)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 11, Hostiles and Calamities


Savior Compound

Hostiles and Calamities kicks off with Eugene being brought to the Savior Compound. He thinks they are going to torture or otherwise be mean but they put him in a nice room and tell him he can have whatever he wants toe eat – within reason. After the female Savior shows Eugene his room she takes him down to where the slave labor is and tells him that he is not like them. He’s a Savior now. If he wants something he should take it. As they walk out of the “factory” area they meet up with Negan. He wants to know if Eugene is a smarty pants. Eugene confirms that he is. Negan presents Eugene with a problem. They have zombies around their perimeter but they are rotting away. Eugene tells him to use their smelter to cover the walkers in metal to keep them longer.

After the commercial we see Eugene in his room with three attractive young ladies all in black. He’s playing video games until he once again tells people how smart he is. They challenge him to make something go boom – which he does by making hydrogen and trapping it in some medical gloves before lighting them with a bang. The girls love it but Eugene looks super uncomfortable.

The next night two of the wives come back to talk to Eugene. They tell Eugene that they chose to be Negan’s wives – but Amber, the sad girl, only did it to help her mom and she wants to end it. They want Eugene to make a poison so Amber can take something and just go to sleep and not wake up. Or at least that is what they tell Eugene. The question is whether they really want to help Amber or if they are trying to kill someone else? Like Negan?

The next day Eugene goes to the factory to get some cold capsules and pulls rank on the poor girl working the register. He then takes a few things and walks away.

We then cut over to Dwight’s door being kicked in and him getting a beating. Apparently Dwight’s ex wife (Negan’s now) disappeared just after Daryl left. Negan accuses Dwight of flipping on him but Dwight denies it and tells him he’s still his man. Negan accepts it and legs Dwight out to hunt for Daryl.

Dwight goes back to his house from the before. The place is destroyed. He was hoping that his wife would still be there, but she is gone. She left him some notes but she isn’t sure if Dwight would take her back to Negan or even kill her. She tells Dwight she had to leave because it was her fault he ended up as Negan’s dog. She also tells him she was the one who let Daryl go, and that she doesn’t think she is going to make it – but its okay. Being a prisoner is worse than being dead.

When Dwight gets back he tells the Doc that he killed her. He then sets the Doc up for letting Daryl out. Which gets the Doc a branding. The Doc admits to letting Daryl go because he thinks it is going to save him from being burnt – but instead it gets him thrown into the furnace.

After the events at the furnace the two wives come back to Eugene to get the pills but he already figured out the wives were really going after Negan and refuses to give the pills up. Shortly thereafter Negan shows up at his door. Negan wants Eugene to know he doesn’t let just anyone join his team – especially at the upper echelon. Eugene tells him he is his 100% and I for one was very convinced. I feel like Eugene turned.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Eugene – “Can I get Lobster?” And the look on the girl’s face.
  • Eugene – “I was gifted these pickles.” When Negan offers Eugene a bonus for coming up with the molten zombie covering.
  • Dwight setting up the Doc and tying up all the loose ends around Daryl and his ex wife. Now if she just stays disappeared Negan won’t ever find out that he was played.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Negan keeping Dwight around. You stole the man’s wife. You burnt his face up. Why risk him putting a knife in your or shooting you at some point. Just kill him.
  • Seeing Eugene so scared again.
  • Seeing Eugene becomes Negan’s man. I feel like he is flipping. He was always a coward and I think he’s found his home now.


  • We see Negan uses his wives to reward someone. The reward stops before intercourse – because sex with his wives is a no no – but still. Books:

The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 10)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 10, New Best Friends


The Kingdom

New Best Friends kicks off with the Saviors collecting tribute from Ezekiel and things immediately get tense when Richard won’t turn over his gun. Richard hands it over but then mouths off. The Savior goes to gun whip Richard but Morgan slaps the weapon away. There is another tense moment before the two groups part. Richard has been banned from carrying a weapon and Ezekiel has been warned that his people can’t be so mouthy.

After break we get to see Richard planning to trigger the Saviors by killing a Savior patrol and leading them back to a weapons cache and to Carol – only Richard didn’t realize that Daryl knew her. Thankfully Daryl’s sixth sense tingles and he forces Richard to tell him what the woman’s name is.

Richard still wants to forward with his plan but Daryl attacks him, which gives the Savior scouts time to get by.

While Daryl is warning Richard not to use his friend as bait Ezekiel is at Carol’s house. He says they are there to kill the wasted, and to give her cobbler – but Carol just wants them gone so she can be alone. A few minutes after Ezekiel leaves Daryl knocks on her door and there is a tearful and heartfelt reunion.

After the initial shock Carol asks Daryl what happened and she is on the verge of breaking down. Daryl sees how fragile Carol is and he lies to her and tells her that everyone is okay.

When Daryl leaves Carol’s he goes by Ezekiel’s and spends some quality time with the tiger and Morgan.

Team Rick

Back at the industrial park we see that whatever group Rick stumbled upon has a lot of people – and a lot of weapons. The new group’s leader is a woman who tells Rick that his group will need to buy back their lives. Rick tells her that if she kills Team Rick the Saviors will come looking – and will kill them – but there is a way out. Join forces and take on the Saviors. She says – “No” at which point a melee breaks out and Gabriel takes a woman hostage to stop the fighting. Gabriel then does his best to pitch to the new group that if they help fight the Saviors there will be a lot of loot.

The leader of the new group tells her people to take Rick to the “up up up up” which turns out to be the top of a trash pile. She tells Rick that things are getting harder. Sometimes they open cans and the food is already rotten. She knows change is coming – and they might need to change again. She then pushes Rick down the trash hill and tells him he needs to prove himself.

Which begins a kind of awkward fight with a spiked up Zombie.

After Rick puts a spike through his hand and barely escapes he drives a hard bargain with the new group. He gets them guns and they keep half of what they stole from Alexandria and then the new group will help Rick kill the Saviors.

Afterwards Gabriel tells Rick how glad he was to see him, and how glad he was to know that Rick hadn’t given up on him. When Gabriel asks Rick why he smiled Rick tells him it is because someone showed him once that enemies can become friends.


Things I loved about this episode…

  • The female archer on Ezekiel’s guard who kills the female walker and then a few minutes later casually says that her sister always liked that dress. She just downed her sister.
  • Daryl telling Richard that if anything happens to Carol, anything, that he will kill him.
  • Show Rick “The up up up up,” and let the arena fight begin!!!
  • Rick’s sh*t eating grin when he comes around the corner after making his deal with Jadis. he looks like hell but he’s happy.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Richard not just giving up his gun to the Saviors. You can find another.
  • What is wrong with Jadis? Why does she talk like she’s an alien?


  • We see an armored gladiator walker in a gladiator trash pit. Books:

Bad Gun Handling – Too Much Gun?

I’ve got questions but not a whole lot of answers. All I know is this is bad Gun Handling. You can pick you reason why. Either that is a way more powerful gun than it looks or this guy is wearing heels or standing on rocking ground.

In the end it doesn’t really matter – just don’t shoot in high heels or while standing on marbles okay?

The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 9)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 9, Rock In The Road


Rock In The Road ends the mid season break with a brief reminder that someone was skulking around Hill top.

We then kick off with Father Gabriel on watch, which turns into what looks like him grabbing everything he can before loading up a car and making a run for it. Is he running though? Or is he hiding what little Alexandria has left from the Saviors?

Team Rick

At Hilltop the mayor (Gregory) wants nothing to do with Team Rick. He feels like he’s been lied to – that Team Rick can’t deliver on its earlier promise to do away with the Saviors. Gregory has no interest in a fight – but some of the people of Hilltop are willing to fight. They are tired of being threatened – tired of being forced to work for others. Jesus thinks its time – time for Team Rick to meet Ezekiel.

When we come back from break Jesus and Team Rick l have traveled to the Kingdom. There is the usual bit of “new people” anxiety before Richard agrees to take them to the King. Once inside Team Rick bumps into Morgan and there is a brief hug before they are granted their audience with the King.

The King is not happy that Jesus shared the Kingdom’s secret – that they are paying tribute to the Saviors – but he listens to what they have to say. Richard is willing – he wants to fight and he tells Ezekiel it is time.

Rick ends his audience with Ezekiel by telling the story of a rock in the road his mother used to tell him. A little girl and her family lost everything when their wagon hit a rock in the road. She and her family were ruined and that little girl wondered why no one else had removed the rock. She dug and dug until she could remove it. Underneath was a bag of gold. The King had placed it there to reward whomever took the rock from the road and improved the road for everyone.

Ezekiel listens before telling Rick he will have his decision in the morning.

Come morning we see that Ezekiel has his people drilling with bows and doing PT. He tells Team Rick that made mistakes – sent people to their deaths in the early days. He doesn’t want to send people to die if he doesn’t have to – and if they can’t win. He tells Team Rick he can’t join in the fight against the Saviors – but he will give Daryl asylum for as long as he needs it. Richard offers to go with Rick. He know that the longer they delay, the longer they keep giving the Saviors food, weapons, and ammo, the harder they will be to beat.

Rick leaves Daryl behind and tells him to talk to Ezekiel, to change his mind.

On the way back to Alexandria Team Rick finds one of the Saviors Zombie horde road blocks.  Lots of cars on the the off ramp and a lot of explosives across the road to kill the horde.

As Team Rick is collecting the dynamite and RPG’s a horde comes down the highway. It’s a race to get the weapons before the horde surrounds them all. This leads to an awesome dual car steel cable guillotine scene. Its time to run back to Alexandria before the Saviors get there to look for Daryl.

Team Rick gets back just as the Saviors are showing up to look for Darryl. They tear apart Alexandria before telling Rick there is no statute of limitations on Daryl – if he shows up they better kill him?

After the Savior leave Team Rick discusses Gabriel. Did he steal their stuff and run? Then Rick finds a reference to the boat – did Gabriel take their stuff there? When they get back to the swamp area where the boat was they find a boot print which leads them towards what looks like an old cemetery behind an industrial building. Once there we find a new group of well armed and very numerous individuals. Did Rick just find his army?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Jesus telling Richard that he doesn’t see him smile – but that is going to change.
  • Morgan keeping his word to Carol when he doesn’t tell Rick she’s still there.
  • Carol telling Ezekiel’s guard to get someplace safe before dark – and to bend his knees when he walks – she heard him from a mile off.
  • Rosita to Sasha:
  • The car guillotine scene. Just awesome.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Negan seemed way to calm when he is on the radio and talking about Daryl.


  • Rick meets King Ezekiel. Books:

Kellyanne Conway Breaks The Law!!!

No public official should ever be allowed to use their position in government to SELL good and services for profit!!!

It isn’t just common sense – it is the law. Which Kellyanne Conway just broke.

Lock her up!

Lock her up!!

Lock her up!!!

And she actually committed a crime – on tape.

Let’s see how many Republicans stand up call for her ouster. You know if she was a democrat they’d be calling for her head…