In This Life starts with Hope pulling the weapon she stole from Felix on Huck before leaving us hanging for a little while.

When we come back form the first commercial break Elton has found Silas due to a little smoke from cooking a rabbit, and Iris has found a stabilization boot for Felix which is letting him move about a little more freely. As Iris and Felix chat, she tells him that she doesn’t trust Huck and that there is only one room in the old folks home they haven’t searched, which Huck said was full of bodies. What does it mean if Huck was lying?

Out on the trail Hope has Huck at gunpoint. Huck tells Hope that even if she pulls the trigger, the other’s will come looking for her. This is about when a few walkers come stumbling there way, and Hope has to decide on what to do. Shoot Huck? Keep her at gunpoint? Or shoot a few walkers?

Hope freezes as the walkers come closer and ends up losing her gun as Huck yells stupid sh*t like “work your angles”.

Back at the old folks home Iris and Felix go into the room that Huck said was full of bodies only to find it full of supplies. Supplies that could have helped treat Felix’s ankle as well as the truck.

While Iris and Felix are realizing that Huck might not be who she says she is, Percy is telling Elton and Silas just about the same thing. Silas wasn’t the one who killed Percy’s Uncle, it was Huck all along.

After clearing the walkers Huck congratulates Hope, telling her she did an awesome job killing the walkers. Hope wants to know why Huck is there, which brings Huck to admit to Hope that Hope’s father didn’t send the messages, it was Huck all along. At least according to Huck. When pressed on the why, Huck tells Hope she needed Hope to realize that civilization is worth fighting for. Huck gives Hope a long spiel about why the CRM is the right path. When Hope asks why the CRM cares about her, Huck tells her she has no idea who she is.

When we come back from commercial Leopold is having wine with his CRM girlfriend, telling her about how Hope took apart and rebuilt a computer. Hope is special. Maybe she will even save the world.

As Team Percy is making their plans to catch up to Huck a CRM team shows up in a truck, forcing them out of their hiding place. The plan is to catch up to Huck and Hope, and save Hope, which is just about the same plan that Felix and Iris come up with.

As Huck and Hope are holing up for the night Iris and Felix pull up in the truck and Huck tell her they need to hide if she wants to save their life. When they have no choice, Huck comes out and acts as if everything is okay, and Hope covers for her.

Felix pretends to believe what Huck is shoveling long enough to grab her gun and demand that she tells him what’s going on.

When we come back from the next commercial break we see Leopold’s girlfriend breaking the news that Hope will be with them shortly, but something is off, it appears that Leopold is behind glass, but it turns out what we were seeing was her practicing, Leopold wasn’t even there.

Back at the abandoned house Huck tells’ Felix that he needs to get back into the house and leave. Hope chimes in and tells Iris and Felix they have to walk away so they can live. As Felix is thinking about what Huck is saying she attacks, pushing Felix down the stairwell at the same time she knocks over the lantern.

As the fire rages Huck and Felix do battle with their spears while the girls look for the handgun that Felix dropped. Hope finds the gun before running towards the hand to hand fighting. Who does she shoot? Who does she decide to go with?

Hope then does the crazy thing so she puts the gun against her own head and tells Felix and Iris to go, that she is the asset and that she has to go with Huck to help her father.

While Hope is making her decision Silas has decided to sacrifice himself to save Percy and Elton.

Hope decides to go with Huck as Silas gives himself up to the CRM.

Back at the CRM Leopold questions the military arm of the CRM, and admits that he is afraid they are being lied to, but he knows how they can be certain.

Out on the road Huck has Hope, and they have reached the drop point, and are waiting for the helicopter. When Elizabeth arrives to pick up her daughter and Hope she tells Huck that she’s taking care of the loose ends. While Huck thought she was saving Felix and the others, her mother just made it clear that no one was going to be left alive if she had anything to say about it.

The season ends with Hope telling Iris that the Civic Republic has no idea that it’s really been the both of them all along. They are apparently smarter together than alone. As Felix and Iris walk, Bill finds them in the woods and the two embrace. Bill tells them he thought they were dead, but doesn’t tell them that everyone in their home has been gunned down by the CR.

In This Life scored a 50/100. It just struggled to generate any excitement for me.

Things I don’t like about The Walking Dead: World Beyond

  • The writers really struggle to let any suspense build. They must believe the audience is really dumb, because they spell out everything that might lead to suspense.
  • There is no real feel of danger from the undead. The focus is all politics, but it’s not up to par with what we got from the original “The Walking Dead” and the quality gap is really noticeable.
  • The expandable spear weapons are just dumb. A solid shaft spear would just make more sense.
  • Iris’s dinosaur tooth spear is even dumber than the expandable spears. A fossil is not going to make for a good piecing weapon.
  • The flashback should be a tool used more selectively. There are just too many flashbacks in The World Beyond.
  • Why is Elton wearing a mustard suit? (screaming this)
SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12The Blaze Of Glory50
13The Tyger and the Lamb65
14The Wrong End of a Telescope71
15Madman Across the Water60
16Shadow Puppets60
17Truth Or Dare60
18The Sky Is a Graveyard62
19The Deepest Cut55
110In This Life50


The Deepest Cut begins with Huck talking to her mother, Elizabeth, telling her to keep the faith, Huck is given much to prove herself to her current companions, and all she needs is more time.

Back with Hope and Iris, Huck is behind the wheel of their truck, motoring along in the dark when she steers into an obstacle on the road, presumably to slow down their journey.

With the truck disabled, the group sets out on foot, which gives Felix a moment to remember when he first met Huck at her security interview. He’s knocked out of his revelry by a horde that’s dragging barbed wire with them. The group makes it through, but Felix is injured in the process, getting a nice cut across the back of his ankle.

Meanwhile Elton is still trying to find Silas, and after tearing into on of his books in a rage, is forced to chase it in the rain and wind. His rage turns to worry as he picks up a page covered in blood. At the end of the blood trail we Elton doesn’t find Silas though, instead he finds Percy who is weak from blood loss or injury. It’s not quite clear yet. After Elton drags Percy across a river Percy stands up and asks Elton why he’s trying to help, Percy is destined to die. Why? Was he bitten? We don’t know yet. Then we find out that Elton is imagining his conversation with Percy when Percy challenges him to find out where he’s bleeding from, and what caused it. Elton’s subconscious was afraid it was a wrench wound, but it wasn’t. Percy has been shot.

When we come back from commercial Team Iris has found what looks like an old folks community center and Iris ends up with Huck as the team splits up to find something to fix their truck. As Iris and Huck explore, Huck uses psychological warfare, telling Iris how much faster she is than Hope, and trying to plant the seed that maybe Iris’s dad isn’t in bad shape, maybe Iris is just overthinking things.

As Felix unwraps his barbed wire injury he flashes back to the past when he’s spending time with his boyfriend Bill.

When we come back from our next commercial break Felix rolls his ankle, hurting his wound further. As the team stops to let him rest he flashes back to a dinner with Bill and the girl’s father, where its revealed that Bill his going with the girls father, Leopold.

As Elton is trying to deal with Percy’s wound by applying a poultice, he’s faced with multiple walkers hungry for a quick snack. While Elton’s subconscious tells him its okay to leave Percy behind, Elton struggles with the reality of the situation. Subconscious Percy tells Elton that humanity has a fighting chance, like his mother knew was true, and to leave him behind. This is about when Elton goes Rambo, using Silas’s wrench to destroy some walkers in a purposely slow mo scene. Sadly, I think they shot it as an action scene but had to blue it up to make it more believable. Who is going to buy the kid in the mustard suit turning bad*ss? Right?

After a short bit of soul searching Irish and team leave Felix behind so they can continue unhindered by his injury. As Felix is hugging Huck we see a flashback as she uses the blade of her spear to wound Felix during the fight with the walkers. Huck has achieved her goal of separating the girls from Felix, who might protect them from what is too come.

Iris is suspicious, but when she goes to talk to Hope, Hope doesn’t trust Iris’s gut. Later in the night Hope and Huck discuss the next steps, and the next morning Huck has convinced Iris to set out on their own.

As the rain falls Elton is using the walkie he found on Percy to call to Felix when Huck answers his call. Elton is about to tell Huck where they are when Percy wakes up and slaps the walkie out of Elton’s hand, telling him that it was Huck who shot him.

Somewhere along the walk Hope has figured out the cipher they’ve intercepted and learns that there is an agent among them. Who exactly is Huck?

The Deepest Cut scored a 55/100 as it struggled to generate a lot of suspense. All the backstabbing and intrigue was written on the walls. Please leave something for us to figure out or find out.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12The Blaze Of Glory50
13The Tyger and the Lamb65
14The Wrong End of a Telescope71
15Madman Across the Water60
16Shadow Puppets60
17Truth Or Dare60
18The Sky Is a Graveyard62
19The Deepest Cut55
110In This Life50

ZOMBIE MOVIES – Block Z (2020)

Block Z is a Filipino Zombie movie that takes place at a medical school. PJ is dropped off by her father at San Lazaro University after a short, emotional car ride between father and daughter. It appears he’s late on tuition, and doesn’t have the money to follow through.

Oddly, Block Z starts with subtitles, then switches to English, then has intermittent dialogue that is in subtitles. I don’t really mind, it’s just a little back and forth.

PJ and her squad are in medical school and the school is broken down by social groups that appear to be based on the student’s “block”. Some of the translations may be off, but I’m not sure. You’ll see what I mean if you watch it. Small bits that seem off.

As PJ is starting her day in a clinic, her father, Mario accidentally hits a pedestrian, which leads him back to the emergency room where PJ is working. As Mario brings in his accident victim PJ is going to treat a patient who has what should be small injury. The patient has been bitten.

The patient is a female who has been bitten on her ankle, and as PJ and her pre med friend examines the patient she goes into shock, her brow slowly turning to spider veins. Patient 0 codes and is pronounced dead.

Patient 0

At least for a little while. Two other pre med students are in Patient 0’s room when she comes back. One of them is quickly pulled down as the other runs for it, opening the door so that Patient 0 and the first pre med victim she attacked are now in the triage unit where all hell breaks loose.

Patient 0 About To Spread The Infection Further

This shortly spreads o the gym, where the coach gets his nose bitten off and the basketball team pretty much gets destroyed. The cheerleaders are next, which quickly turns into an all out infection. The school has been overrun.

PJ has survived, and so had her father, but they have been separated. PJ’s father is with the young man trying to get money for walking in front of his vehicle, who has been bitten. Of course the young man turns, and appears to bite PJ’s father, but we aren’t quite sure yet. One of the other student doctors, Lucas, show’s up, saving PJ’s father for the moment.

Lucas ends up finding PJ just in time, because she was in the Chancellor’s office after he was bitten in the initial outbreak. Lucky for PJ, Lucas manages to save the day for her as well.

In the chaos students and patients try to make it outside, but they find their way blocked at the main gates by the military. As Zombies push the survivors out into the open the soldiers panic, opening fire on zombies and survivors alike.

While the slaughter is going on, the son of a privileged military commander calls his father and is told to be ready at 5AM for a helicopter rescue – but only for two people.

We now have two groups of survivors. PJ with a few fellow students, and her father who is with the security guard, Bebeth and Patient 0’s young daughter, Ruby. They are hiding out in the kitchen store room where they are safe for the moment.

Ruby enjoys some ice cream while Mario and Bebeth share some booze Bebeth’s coworker hid there.

Mario And Bebeth Talking About Their Children

The two are discussing their children when the lights go out and the red emergency lights come on.

Out in the parking lot PJ is with her small group of medical student survivors, trying to make their way across the parking lot. The rich student puts them all at risk for making a run for out of turn just before the generators die and the zombies spot PJ and Lucas in the open.

Crossing The Parking Lot Disaster

The group gets split up by the zombies. Lucas and PJ end up crawling under cards in a garage full of the undead and just barely escape with their lives.

The group reunites not far away at the church, and thankfully someone had the sense to ask Lucas what his wound is from, making sure he wasn’t bitten.

As the church bells ring the group realizes they are surrounded. They grab what weapons they can find and begin a desperate fight to survive. They fight off the initial few zombies, but a massive horde is coming for them.

The Horde Cometh

Lucas steps forward but before he can strike the first zombie is blown away. Dad and Bebeth have shown up just in time to safe the day.

Mario And Bebeth Save The Day

Mario and PJ hug it out but Mario was saved earlier by Lucas, and Lucas told Mario he had to go look for his “girlfriend”. I love the fact that in the midst of people eating people Dad (Mario) is still worried about his daughter’s love life. PJ goes around and says, friends, friends, friends to everyone there.


For the moment Mario is mollified and the survivors are safe.

PJ dresses Lucas’s glass cut wounds while he has a pity party for himself, thinking he could have saved some of the others. PJ tells him she should be thinking him and they look like they are going to kiss, at least until Mario comes by and coughs in their direction.

As the medical students discuss the virus and what it might be Ruby wanders over to a very dark stairway and is only kept from going down by Mario intervening.

The rich kids girlfriend mentions the rescue as they are standing in the church, and he is forced to admit there will only be room for two people, and that he didn’t think there would be this many survivors by now (what a d*ck). He then proceeds to basically say the guard (Bebeth) and the older guy (Mario) should be left behind with the kid (Ruby) because they will just slow the medical students down.

Lucas, being a good, moral person says they can’t leave anyone behind, but the rich kid (Gelo) doesn’t agree.

The group then agrees to move on to the Library, which leads the group by a lot of growling, angry zombies. As Bebeth is opening a locked door Ruby sees her mother (now a hungry Zombie) and goes running into the midst of the biters.

Ruby Gets Eaten

While the survivors scream in horror as Ruby is devoured, Gelo takes the moment to screw over his friends, locking the gate that Bebeth just opened, and stranding his friends on the Zombie side.

There are apparently a lot of gates at this medical school. Even though Gelo locked them out the rest of the survivors are (barely) able to make it to another gated hallway and lock the biters on the far side.

It is now 1:44:08 AM, and the action has moved ont ot he

The Dormitory

Bebeth is heartbroken. She had bonded with Ruby and likely blames herself for what happened. This transitions into into a brief interlude where Mario plays the guitar before the others do a time check. They want to be at the hospital by 5AM.

PJ goes to use the restroom but when she pulls her hand back she realizes the doorknob was covered in blood.

Bloody Door Knob

Of course there is a zombie inside the bathroom. This leads to Mario jumping in to save his daughter, and getting bit in the process. PJ is in denial about what it means, but the others realize what’s about to happen. Mario begs Bebeth to shoot him, but PJ intervenes and Mario shuts the door on the bathroom so his daughter wont’ have to see him turn.

The group leaves him to his fate while Bebeth leads the remaining survivors to the pool. They don’t get far before Myles gets attacked in a storeroom and gets bitten. Bebeth gives him a handgun with four bullets before the dwindling survivors move on.

Apparently Myles has genetic good aim as he places his first two shots into zombie heads before wasting his last two. He’s dry firing and screaming as the zombie horde descends on him.

Bebeth holds the stairwell with her shotgun as the other flee, forced to jump into the pool when they have no other escape.

Stranded In The Pool

Lucky for the survivors the Zombies are afraid of the water. Even more lucky, Erika can’t live without Myles, and she’s willing to get eaten as a distraction so that PJ and Lucas can escape.

PJ and Lucas make it to the medical ward only to find it overflowing with Zombies as well, forcing them to flee to the roof.

The Hospital Rooftop

Lucas is worried about the door giving way but is able to help PJ climb to the next level before the roof gives way, the wound on his arm from earlier in the night holding him back. Lucas does the only thing you can do when your on a roof and about to get eaten, and jumps over the edge, leading a small horde with him as he goes.

The team is now down to one survivor. PJ is left, but as she’s lying on the helipad she realizes she’s been bit when she checks her watch.

PJ’s Bite

Instead of waiting for the helicopter, PJ goees back down into the building, grabbing an axe in the process.

PJ Getting The Axe

PJ does fairly well at first, but as she continues into the building she ends up getting bitten multiple times.

PJ has realized that she’s not turning, and figures that her father might not have turned either. She’s been heading back to her father since grabbing the axe.

Once she reunites with Mario she explains that they are somehow immune before breaking the news that no rescue is coming. They need to get back to the church in the hopes that old WW2 tunnels will lead them to safety. Lucky for them, the WW2 tunnels have electric lights.

WW2 Tunnels

Unfortunately for Mario and PJ, even though the tunnels are conveniently lit, they also contain a just about to turn Gelo, and he’s pissed that someone else might get to live when he’s clearly not going to. Mario fights off Gelo long enough to let PJ escape before they both flee to the surface.

Thing on the street don’t look great, but at least PJ finds a weapon fairly quickly and strikes a brave, combative pose.

A Girl And Her Gun

As PJ clutches her weapon the audio switches to a voiceover. There is a typhoon coming and everyone should flee once the rain starts.

We then cut over to PJ finding Lucas and telling the band behind her that they are taking him with them before the credits roll.

Block Z scores a 44/100, put it in Rainy Day territory, so safe it for one of those days where you are locked inside and there isn’t a lot else to do. Why did Block Z score a 44?

Part of the reason is the mix of English and Filipino which means you will be reading subtitles, listening to English, then switching back and forth as the dialogue changes. I found it a bit disruptive, which is sad, because the action scenes were actually pretty good.

The main reason though is the ending. It ends abruptly and honestly feels like a set up for a future film, but doesn’t really have a satisfying ending. PJ and Mario climb up onto the street and then it’s left to our imagination as to what happens.

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Tell It to the Frogs opens with Merle on the roof, rambling, nearly delirious, remembering time he spent in the stockade. The reality of his situation is setting in, and all the noise Merle is making bring the walkers up to the doorway, where they are just barely held back by the lock and chain T-Dog locked it with.

Merge, Abandoned On The Roof

The more noise Merle makes, the harder the walkers push to get get through, but as Merle climbs under the pipes, trying to hide, he sees the tools that T-Dog dropped as he fled, and takes off his belt to try and get it.

Back in the box fan Morales tells Rick not to feel bad. No one is going to miss Merle, except for maybe his brother Daryl. This is the first time we get introduced to one of the all time best characters in the series (at least for me).

The Introduction of Daryl

As Rick steers the box trap back to camp Glenn flies by, the alarm still going off, whooping in joy as he drives the Charger.

Back in camp Lori, Carl, and Shane are sitting in a circle. Lori is cutting Carl’s hair as Shane cleans a firearm, telling Carl he’s going to teach him how to catch frogs.

Glenn shows up first, the car alarm still going off. Shane is pissed that Glenn drove the vehicle back with its alarm on, potentially ringing a dinner bill for every nearby walker.

Andrea is the first one out of the truck, and her sister Amy runs and gives her a hug, relieved her sister made it out alive.

Andrea & Amy Reunite

Morales and his family are next and there are hugs all around as the scavengers celebrate making it back to camp. Shane asks them how they got out, the last thing he heard on the radio was that they were surrounded and in trouble. Glenn tells Shane the new guy got them out. Morales call out to “Hey, helicopter boy!” and Rick comes walking into frame. I think the look on Shane’s face says just about everything we need to know.

Shane’s Reaction When He Sees Rick

Rick and Shane stare at each other but then Rick sees Lori and Carl just behind him and the world narrows down. For Rick, all he sees is his family. The other survivors are in shock, not expecting the newcomer to have ties to their band. Rick clutches Carl to his chest, both of them crying as he carries his son towards Lori.

Lori’s Suprised? And Scared? Reaction To Ricks Return

Lori’s initial reaction appears to be fear? Guilt that she’s already jumped into bed with her not long dead husbands patrol partner? Rick and Lori were having issues before the apocalypse started. Maybe it started before the walkers started biting?

Lori does recover and hugs Rick, but her face is still more shock than joy and as she looks over at Shane he just nods quietly, not knowing what to say or do. Is Lori crying tears of relief? Or are they guilt and surprise?

In the next scene its night and Rick is sitting around the fire with his family and the other survivors, telling them what it was like to wake up in their new world.

Grimes Family By The Fire

The worst part is when Rick is thanking Shane for taking care of his family while he wasn’t there. Clearly Rick doesn’t realize just how much “taking care” of his wife Shane was doing.

We then get introduced to Ed, Carol, and Sophia Peletier. Ed built the fire up too high, and Shane makes him pull some wood off the fire so they can’t be seen. Or, Shane tells him to do it, and Ed makes his wife Carol do it.

Back at the fire the scavengers are discussing what to do about Daryl. Who is going to tell Daryl they left Merle behind? Dale warns them that when Daryl gets back its going to be a rough conversation. This is when T-Dog tells them he chained the door shut and Merle is probably still alive before everyone goes to their sleeping quarters.

Rick puts Carl to bed before going to Lori, kissing her before lying down behind her.

Rick And Lori Spooning

Lori still looks more shocked than happy that Rick survived. This really annoys me. As they lay there Rick tells her he knew he’d find her, that he knew she was alive the moment he went to their house and saw pictures and family albums were gone. Lori tells him she really didn’t think she’d ever see him again, and apologizes, tell him she wants to take back the anger and the mistakes. Rick tells her its okay, they got a second chance, which not many people get. We then find out the ring on her necklace is Rick’s wedding band, and she asks if he wants it back. Lori turns out the lantern, leading Rick to look over at Carl. Lori tell him Carl won’t wake up, which really creeped me out even further. How many times has she banged Shane with her son a few feet away? How else could she be so sure? How long could Rick possibly have been gone at this point? Two weeks? Three weeks? And she’s already jumped right into bed with Shane?

Outside, Shane is standing watch, but he’s really just watching Lori’s tent, knowing what’s likely going on.

When Rick gets up the camp is already in full gear. Carol has washed Rick’s clothing while Dale and team are stripping the Charger for parts, much to Glen’s dismay. Rick and Lori are discussing if it makes sense to go back for Merle when Carl starts screaming, there is a walker just outside camp, eating a deer that had been wounded by a hunter.

Walker Chowing Down On Deer

Rick and the others then go to down on the walker, beating it to death before Dale takes its head off with an axe.

We then get introduced to Daryl Dixon in the flesh for the first time!

Daryl Dixon’s Entrance Into The Walking Dead

Daryl is pissed that the walker got his deer and proceeds to kick the walker a few times. Daryl is raw and hot headed, but he’s brought back some squirrel to eat, so he does put food on the table.

As Daryl is calling for Merle to help him process his game, Shane tells him he needs to tell him something, which is when Rick steps up and just lays it out. Merle was a danger to them all and he handcuffed him to a roof. Daryl is not happy to say the least. He goes to take a swing at Rick but Shane stops him, putting him in a headlock which Daryl reminds him is illegal.

After Daryl calms down Rick agrees to go back to help Daryl save his brother. Shane doesn’t understand why Rick would go back for Merle. Rick twists Glenn’s arm to help. Glenn knows the way and has been in and out in the past. Shane is against anyone going, but Rick convinces Shane it’s worth it if they can get the guns Rick left behind.

Things get more emotional as Lori and Carl beg him not to, but Rick needs the bag not just for the guns, but for the walkie talkie he promised Morgan he’d connect on. Rick wants to warn Morgan that Atlanta isn’t safe.

Rick’s last stop is Dale’s RV where he bargains for a set of bolt cutters before heading out. As Rick is leaving Shane gives Rick his last 4 four rounds for Rick’s Colt Python.

As Merle’s rescue team decides on their best course of action Andrea, Amy, Carol and Jacqui are scrubbing clothes, discussing the things they miss from the old days. Jacqui misses her coffee maker while Andrea and Carol miss their vibrators, which makes them all start laughing. Not far away the laughter draws Ed’s attention. Ed tells Carol to do her work and basically shut up, they aren’t in a comedy club. Andrea confronts Ed and things start to get ugly. Ed is completely willing hit his wife, and the other women and is only stopped from when Shane let’s his own demons take their fire out on Ed’s face.

Back in the main camp Lori is looking for Carl, which brings her down to the water to confront Shane.

Lori Confronts Shane

Lori is pissed and tells Shane to stay away from her, Carl, and her family. Shane is the one who told her that Rick was dead, and that somehow makes it all Shane’s fault that she started to bang her dead husband’s partner before the body was even cold? I get it, she thought Rick was dead and she needed emotional support, but still, she has to take some responsibility right?

As the drama is unfolding in the quarry by camp Merle’s rescue team is making it to the roof of the department store in Atlanta which leads to one of the huge cliffhangers that won’t be resoled for multiple seasons.

Merle is gone, or at least most of Merle is gone. The only thing left on the roof is the hacksaw and his hand.

Merle’s Hand

Tell It to the Frogs scored a 95/100, making it Worth Your Time. It was a strong, emotional filled episode with lots of revelations, but it only had a few scenes with walkers in it, which cost it a few points. Still, what other series is averaging a 98.3 in its first three episodes?

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Days Gone Bye100
13Tell It To The Frogs95
21What Lies Ahead95
23Save The Last One83
24Cherokee Rose94
27Pretty Much Dead Already100
210Miles Out90
211Judge, Jury, Executioner70
212Better Angels75
213Beside the Dying Fire100


Guts opens up on Lori and Shane’s survivor group and we get introduced to characters we saw but didn’t really hear much from in Days Gone Bye. The first of which is Dale, who is dutifully watching over the camp from his perch on top of the RV. We know he’s a good guy because Lori trusts him to watch over Carl while Lori goes into the woods to scavenge for edible plants. 

Dale On Watch

Lori is in the woods when she hears movement and nearly pees herself when Shane grabs her and pulls her to the ground where they quickly get down to business. Shane pauses when he sees her wedding ring on a necklace and they don’t continue until she takes it off.

We then cut back to the tank where Rick is swarmed with walkers.


Glenn informs Rick he’s in trouble, but at least he’s go Glenn’s eyes outside helping him find the path of least resistance. On top of that Rick finds a grenade near the dead crew member. Glenn pushes Rick to run for it while the walkers are distracted with their horse dinner.

Rick makes it down the street and almost pops Glenn before his new friend leads him to the safety of a fire escape where Glenn gets to tell Rick what a dumbass he is again. As they flee across the roof Rick asks Glenn why he helped, and I love Glenn’s answer.

Rick: “Back at the tank, why’d you stick your neck out for me?”

Glenn: “Call it foolish, naïve hope that if I’m ever that far up shit creek, somebody might do the same for me. Guess I’m an even bigger dumbass than you.”

The exchange just shows Glenn’s nature, he’s a realist, but a glass half full type of guy at the same time.

As Glenn and Rick flee down into the building Glenn radios out that he’s got a guest. Several people come out to bash some walkers as Glenn leads Rick into the relative safety of his friend’s company. At least of Andrea puts a gun in his face, pissed that Rick pulled down walkers all around them.

Andrea Says Hi To Rick

Andrea is convinced that Rick has killed them by making so much noise. The other survivors explain to Rick that they are there to scavenge, and the key to scavenging is getting in, grabbing items they need, and getting out without making too much noise. Rick’s gunfire has pulled down the walkers all around them, and the glass isn’t going to hold for long.

Breaking Glass

The survivors ask Rick what he was doing out there, and me mentions the helicopter he heard and saw in the buildings reflection, but they thinks he’s nuts. As they decide to flee upward they hear gunshots and Andrea askes “Oh no, is that Dixon?”

Merle Dixon Having Some Target Practice

When the survivors get to the roof Merle is laughing. T-Dog is missed that Merle is wasting bullets, and bringing more walkers down on them when Merle shows his true nature. Merle isn’t a fan of diversity and isn’t willing to take feedback, much less orders from T-Dog.

I was a little shocked to hear Merle use the hard “N” word, its been a decade since I originally watched Guts during its original airing and I didn’t remember that. This of course leads to a fist fight and Merle takes down Rick, then gets T-Dog on the ground and is pummeling him until Merle goes on a power ramble. Merle votes Merle is in charge, and its honestly the only vote Merle cares about, although he does force the others to raise their hands by casually sweeping them with his pistol.

Thankfully Rick is there to even things up and he bashes Merle in the back of the head before handcuffing the Dumb-As-Sh*t, Inbred White Trash Fool before reminding Merle you “Ought to be polite to a man with a gun.” Which is exactly what Merle told the rest of them when they started to complain about him shooting his rifle.

As the others discuss their next steps, Merle hits on Andrea. Even handcuffed Merle is just a disgusting human being with no self control.

Merle’s Weak Attempt At A Pick Up Line

Rick asks them if the sewers are an option which leads Glenn to show them what he thinks is the sewer entrance in the basement.

The team has a plan. Glenn and Morales are going to see if the sewers are a viable exit while the rest of the team monitors the store front and tries to reach out for help using the radio from the roof. Glenn and Morales find their way blocked by a massive steel grate, which already has walkers eating rats on the other side. Yum…

In the store Andrea is looking at a necklace and Rick asks her if she sees something she likes and we learn that Andrea has a sister, who is still young enough to love things like unicorns, and especially mermaids.

Andrea’s Mermaid Pendant For Her Sister

When Rick asks her why she doesn’t take it, she replies that there is a cop staring at her before Rick assures her its okay. This is what TWD does so well, shows the humanity in each of its characters.

Glenn and Morales come back up and let them know the storm drain isn’t an option just in time for the glass in the storefront to break some more. Time is running out.

As the team discusses their options Rick comes up with a crazy plan. The walkers hunt by sound, sight, and smell, and Rick wants to know if masking one of those senses might change how the walkers react to them.

They grab one of the dead walkers outside the rear door and proceed to memorialize him before hacking him up, but at least the guy was an organ donor so did sign up for this right? The team then uses a bit of emulsified walker to coat themselves.

As Glenn is complaining, Rick tells him to think about something else, like Puppies and Kittens!!!

Puppies And Kittens

I had no idea that Z Nation borrowed this from TWD! I had to go back to check. Guts first aired on November 7th, 2010 while Z Nation’s Puppies and Kittens episode didn’t air until four years later.

Rick did achieve his goal though. He and Glenn smell like walkers. The last thing Rick does before walking out into the horde is to throw T-Dog the key to Mer’s cuffs.

Rick and Glenn carefully make it through the walker horde, their disguises appearing to hold up, at least for the moment

Walker Walking

Back at the survivors camp, Andrea’s sister, Amy is worried. T-Dog just manages to get a message through as the weather changes. T-Dog lets them know they are surrounded at the department store, but the connection is poor. Amy wants people to go into Atlanta to safe her sister, but Shane say’s they can’t risk mores lives while Lori looks on, wide eyed.

Rick and Glenn are in the thick of the walkers when the rain starts to fall, washing away the precious walker gore they’ve covered themselves in.

Walker Walking In The Rain

Rick tries to comfort Glenn, but even as he’s saying their protective layer isn’t washing off, the walkers are beginning to focus on the two live humans more and more.

It’s time to run and Rick and Glenn just make it to the construction site before the horde turns on them. Thanks to the construction fencing they are able to grab a box truck and start rolling before the horde is on top of them.

As Andrea, T-Dog and Morales watch from the top of the department store they are at first afraid Rick and Glenn are abandoning them, but Rick just needed to find another vehicle so they could create a distraction. Glenn calls them on the radio and tells them to come down to the rolling gates and be ready to roll.

As they move out Merle begs T-Dog not to just leave him there and in the process of trying to do the right thing T-Dog trips and the handcuff key goes flying.

Key Down The Drain

I tried to highlight that little key flying towards the drain, and that is exactly where it went. T-Dog does the only thing he thinks will help and locks the door to the roof, so at least the horde won’t be able to eat Merle while he’s trapped.

Out on the street Glenn uses his stolen Dodge Charger (with its alarm blaring) to pull the horde away from the side entrance, giving Rick the time he needs to collect the other survivors just in time.

T-Dog tells the others he dropped the key as they flee Atlanta.

Guts ends with Glenn flying down the highway, intoxicated with speed as the car alarm continues to go off.

Glenn Speeding Away

Guts scored a 100/100, making the first time a season opener and second episode both just hit it out of the park. I forgot how awesome these original episodes were. Guts is Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Days Gone Bye100
13Tell It To The Frogs95
21What Lies Ahead95
23Save The Last One83
24Cherokee Rose94
27Pretty Much Dead Already100
210Miles Out90
211Judge, Jury, Executioner70
212Better Angels75
213Beside the Dying Fire100

The Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 1

Days Gone Bye kicked off not just The Walking Dead series, but spins off to become two more shows as well as an after episode talk show. Its hard to believe The Walking Dead is over a decade old at this point. I remember waiting to watch it with my older boys, all of us sitting on the couch, and we’d excitedly discuss what was going on during commercials.

Days Gone Bye reminded me why we love this series so much. It is just a masterclass in how to set mood and build characters.

Current Timeline

Days Gone Bye starts in the now. Rick has stopped at a gas station surrounded by what was a refugee camp, hoping to find some gas. What he finds instead is the iconic “little girl zombie“.

Little Girl Zombie

Rick is Wounded (Flashback)

We then cut to the series theme song before we take a step back in time. Rick Grimes and Shane are eating lunch as Shane is complaining about his girlfriend who leaves every light on in his house. Rick is telling Shane about his own problems with his wife Lori when the call comes in. There is a high speed pursuit, and one officer has already been shot and wounded. Rick and Shane put out the spike strip and wait.

Spike Strip Deployed

After the bad guys hit the spike strip and wreck the bad guys come out with guns in hand. Rick gets tagged in the vest by assailant one. Assailant two goes down in a hail of bullets. Rick and Shane are celebrating the bullet hitting Rick’s vest when a 3rd Assailant climbs out and shoots Rick in the left shoulder.

Rick Gets Shot

We then see some haze as Shane drops by to talk to Rick who is barely conscious in the hospital.

Rick Wakes Up (Current Timeline)

When Rick wakes up he’s a little delirious. He thinks Shane is still in his room, but the flowers in the vase are dried up and dead. Rick tries to get out of bed and ends up on the floor, calling for a nurse who never comes. When he finally makes it to out of his room he finds a hospital bed pushed up against his door and a dim hallway with no nurses or patients in sight.

Empty Hallway

Rick finds his way to a nurses station and finds some matches, but its not long before he sees what type of world he’s woken into. Down the hallway there is what’s left of a woman lying on the floor.

Zombie Chow

Rick just woke up from some form of barely conscious state. he has no idea what’s going on, and its not getting better. He wanders down the hall the other way to find a doorway chained shut with a warning spray painted across the doors. I’m actually surprised this type of error made it into the show. What the hell does “Don’t Dead Open Inside” mean anyway?

Don’t Dead Open Inside

Do fingers count as Rick’s first Zombie? He sees fingers coming through the door, but he doesn’t really know what’s going on yet so I’m going to say no, he still hasn’t seen his first Zombie.

Exiting The Hospital

Rick freaks out and flees through the fire escape, which is very dark and creepy before finding himself on the hospital loading dock. Bodies are lined up, and most of them have blood marks near their heads, showing they turned and were put down before being lined up outside. We get a good idea of just how bad things were as the camera pulls back, showing the volume of dead that were piling up.

Lots of Bodies

Rick wanders away from the loading dock and finds what looks to be a military deployment on the nearby hill. Whatever happened at the hospital must have been quick. The helicopters appear to have weapons mounted but there are no nearby bodies, which makes me think the crews were taken down away from the helos.

Military Hardware Outside Hospital

Rick wanders away from the hospital until he finds a bicycle, as well as his first Zombie.

Rick’s First Zombie

Lucky for Rick the first zombie he encountered was half the woman she was before turning. Rick jumps on the bike and races to his home to find it empty. Lori and Carl aren’t there and Rick has a moment of doubt. Is he in his hospital bed hallucinating?


Rick goes out to the front of his house, his vision blurred as he sees a man walking towards him in the distance just before he gets clocked. As Rick is lying there half out of it he sees Morgan put a revolver against the walkers head and pull the trigger.

Morgan Taking Care Of A Walker

Morgan points his gun at Rick and demands to know what caused his wound as Rick passes out. When he wakes up Morgan has changed his bandage and tied him to the bed.

Once Morgan is convinced Rick wasn’t bitten, he cuts him loose. Rick, Morgan and Morgan’s son Duane end up in the living room and Rick is confused. He watched Morgan kill a man, and this is the first time we hear the term “walker”. Morgan tells Rick he didn’t kill a man, he killed a walker.

Morgan tries to explain the rules of the new world to Rick once he realizes Rick has no clue what’s going on, but Rick doesn’t look like he’s 100% convinced yet.

After a car alarm brings the survivors to the window we see Morgan’s turned walker wandering around in front of the house, which set’s Duane off. Rick is at the door, looking out the peep hole when Morgan’s wife comes to the door, attracted to something about the house.

Morgan’s Wife

Training Day

The next day Rick gets to kill his first walker. Morgan has given him a face shield and a baseball bat, but Rick’s still weak from being shot, and just barely gets the job done. Afterwards Rick takes Morgan to his house and explains that he thinks Lori and Carl are alive because clothes and pictures are missing.

Duane volunteers that they probably went to Atlanta. Before everything collapsed, people were told to head for Atlanta. There was supposed to be security there as well as the CDC. Rick has found a new destination, but first, he needs some gear.

This brings Rick to the station, where there is still enough propane in the tanks to allow the three survivors to enjoy a hot shower, a rarity in the post apocalypse days. After collecting weapons Rick gives Morgan a rifle and ammo before heading out.

As Rick goes back to find his first walker and put her out of her misery Morgan goes to his window to practice with his new rifle. Rick kills the female walker as Morgan kills a few of the walkers in front of his house, but isn’t able to pull the trigger when he finds his turned wife in his scope sights.


Rick is on his way to Atlanta, hailing anyone who can hear him on his CB radio. A group of survivors, including Lori and Shane can hear him, but Rick never get’s their transmission. Lori didn’t hear Rick’s voice, but she wants to warn whoever sent the transmission. The group of survivors know that Atlanta isn’t safe.

On his way into the city Rick is running out of fuel, but he finds a farm and a horse, which leads to another iconic shot from the series as Rick rides his steed into the city.

Rick’s Horseback Journey Into Atlanta

The city looks deserted at first, but its not long before Rick encounters his first walkers. The horse is skittish and does not like the undead. Rick is making his way down the street when he hears a helicopter and sees its reflection in a skyscraper, which leads him to go charging around the corner to try and get a glimpse of the whirly bird. Instead he finds himself face to face with a massive herd of walkers.

Rick Comes Face to Face With His First Horde

Things go downhill from here for Rick. Rick tries to flee but finds himself surrounded. His horse spooks and throws him as the zombies swarm. Rick uses the momentary distraction of his horse being eaten to climb under a tank. It doesn’t take long for the walkers to find him. Risk escapes into the tank through a hatch just in time.

Rick quickly kills a crew member turned walker before the tank is swarmed. Rick is surrounded on all sides, and in big trouble when someone reaches out on the radio.

Glenn – “Hey, you. Dumbass. Yeah, you in the tank.”

They were probably the sweetest words Rick’s ever heard.

Days Gone By Scoring

Days Gone Bye scored a 100/100 and is Worth Your Time. The atmosphere and mood set by this work of art was just perfect. This is what every other zombie show strives to be.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Days Gone Bye100
13Tell It To The Frogs95
21What Lies Ahead95
23Save The Last One83
24Cherokee Rose94
27Pretty Much Dead Already100
210Miles Out90
211Judge, Jury, Executioner70
212Better Angels75
213Beside the Dying Fire100

See all Zombie Series!

ZOMBIE SERIES – Z NATION, SEASON 2, EPISODE 15, All Good Things Must Come to an End

All Good Things Must Come to an End is the season finale, so I guess its aptly named. The episode starts with Citizen Z, almost out of batteries, burning papers for warmth as he tries to warn Addy, and Team Murphy to abort the mission, whoever was tracking Murphy threw Camp Northern Lights knows exactly where he is.

Citizen Z Trying To Call Off The Murphy Drop Off

We then cut back to the diner. The old woman is feeding Warren tea while Vasquez looks around, something tickling his suspicion, but not enough to keep him from letting Warren call in the rest of the team.

Team Murphy settles in for some tea just as a group of Bounty Hunters shows up with a “Murphy” to hand in for the bounty.

Bounty Hunters

The leader of the Bounty Hunters is interested in Warren as one of the other bounty hunters finds cross dressing Murphy attractive, which leads to Team Murphy’s cover being blown.

Zombie Mmic

The lead Bounty Hunter figures out Murphy has some tie to their fake Murphy, which results in a little shootout. Team Murphy takes out the Bounty Hunters but 10K was hit in the process. As Doc and Addy work on 10K, Auntie goes outside with Murphy and Warren and puts a flare up, signaling for Dr. Merch and the Mount Wilson CDC lab, who apparently have a submarine at their disposal.

Mount Wilson CDC Lab Submarine

While Team Murphy tries to make sense of what is happening Citizen Z puts his pooch on a sled and begins to pull. I think he’s got that reversed, but I’m guessing poochy is hurt.

Back at the diner, the military has shown up, and brought Dr. Merch with them. She tries to verify it’s Murphy, but can’t remember until Murphy jobs her memory a bit about their last encounter.

Is That Murphy?

The military only has room to take Murphy and 10K back to the sub, which leads to heartfelt goodbyes. The team has been through a lot together.

Murphy and 10K have just left when La Reina and her Zeros show up, wanting revenge on Warren for her betrayal, and to collect Murphy.

Zero Ambush

Things do not look good for the team, they are pinned down and outgunned. How did La Reina find them? She’s got Dr Kurian’s head in a box, and apparently he’s connected enough with Murphy to act as a compass. Good thing for the remnants of Team Murphy that Auntie has her MAC-10 to lay down some cover fire so they can flee into the diner.

Lucky for the team, Auntie has a stash of weapons to help even things up a little.

On the sub the medical staff agree to treat 10K and get him back to the mainland, while Murphy learns about Zona, and why the people on the sub are so interested in him. The soldiers are infected, and they look like they are starting to turn.

Infected Submariners

As Dr. Merch is taking blood from Murphy we find out that all the Zona staff were infected with an early version of the vaccine, but its wearing off, and all those people are starting to turn. It doesn’t take Murphy long to figure out he’s not interested in being Zona’s blood supply.

Back at the diner La Reina tries to bargain, telling the team they just want Murphy, which leads La Reina to sacrifice the front rank of her soldiers to create walking Z shields.

Auntie gets hit and turns, then gets an axe to the skull from outside while she tries to eat Doc. As the two sides spray lead at each other Addy, and the creepy masked Zero end up going mano a mano, breaking the Z-Whacker in the process!!!

Z-Whacker Breaks

This leads to La Reina and Warren going toe to toe, and it looks like Warren is about to lose when Escorpion shows up and puts a stake through La Reina, but he’s not Escorpion any longer, he’s Hector. How did he survive? The last time we saw him Vasquez pushed him into a basement full of Z’s.

Hector tells Vasquez he’s not Escorpion anymore, and that he understands if Vasquez wants to kill him, he is sorry, he’s not the same man anymore. In the end Vesquez couldn’t do it. For Vasquez it’s the end of the road, they finished their mission. Warren, Doc and Addy end up rolling out with Hector, heading for the beach to pick up 10K.

Back on the sub, 10K wakes up to distant alarms before we cut to Warren and team at the ocean. What they doesn’t look good, the sub is burning.

Sub On Fire

A moment later they see a boat heading away from the sub, and they can clearly see Murphy, but no 10K. When we get a close up of the boat its clear that Murphy is in control, he’s bitten everyone on his ride.

All Good Things Must Come to an End, ends on a cliffhanger on multiple fronts.

Where is 10K?

Who are the Chinese soldiers that swarm Warren and team and do they mean them harm?

Is Citizen Z going to survive his deep freeze?

Frozen 10K

And what is going to happen to Murphy’s daughter Lucy?

So many things are going on in the last few minutes of this season ender, but it was really well done and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, which is why All Good Things Must Come to an End scored a 94/100 and is Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Puppies and Kittens95
12Fracking Zombies80
13Philly Feast80
14Full Metal Zombie81
15Home Sweet Zombie75
16Resurrection Z81
17Welcome to the Fu-Bar83
19Die Zombie Die… Again29
110Going Nuclear79
111Sisters Of Mercy82
112Murphy's Law80
113Doctor of the Dead91
21The Murphy90
22White Light81
23Zombie Road90
24Batch 4760
26Zombie Baby Daddy86
27Down The Mississippi87
28The Collector63
210We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon72
211Corporate Retreat85
212Party with the Zeros64
213Adiós, Muchachos69
214Day 190
215All Good Things Must Come to an End 94
31No Mercy90
32A New Mission77
33Murphy's Miracle80
34Escorpion and the Red Hand70
35Little Red and the Wolfz79
36Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest73
37Welcome to Murphytown 67
38Election Day80
39Heart of Darkness70
310They Grow Up So Quickly85
311Doc’s Angels70
312The Siege of Murphytown70
314Everybody Dies in the End70

Bad Gun Handling – Explosive Targets

This guy is lucky he had time to dodge the projectile kicked back at him. This is what makes shooting explosive targets so dangerous. Make sure you are shooting from cover, there are no loose objects around to become shrapnel, and you are a good, safe distance away before you pull the trigger on a reactive target down range.

Be safe, be careful…


Day 1 tells the origin stories of our main characters, and does a kick *ss job of doing it.

The story starts with Citizen Z, in federal custody, about to go on trial for hacking when a man from the NSA comes with one last offer. We drop the charges if you work for us, while passing Citizen Z a very odd note…

Citizen Z Learns The Worlds Fate Before It Started

While Citizen is facing a hacker at Camp Northern Light, the Rest of Team Murphy has made it to the California border, and there isn’t much there. With all our survivors walking across a barren, destroyed landscape, there is plenty of time for each of them to remember where they were when the biting started.

Warren was in Trenton NJ when she encounters her first Z.

Warren’s First Z

It doesn’t take long for Warren to encounter Z’s two, three, and so on. Lucky for her she had a .45 on her hip and instinctively went for headshots as her army buddies come stumbling in.

Warren Takes Headshots

Next we get to see what Doc was going when the Zombie Apocalypse started, and I have to say, his story was one of my favorites. Doc was a drug and alcohol counselor, and I love his story.

Doc The Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Doc is who I aspire to be. Fun, upbeat, and yet when push comes to shove, just fine with doing the shoving, and then hugging it out afterwards. After Doc helps the therapist next to him, he comes back and encounters his first Z, eating his patient.

Doc’s First Z

One of the things I love about Doc walking in on Zombie Lunchtime is how quickly he assesses the situation. He says he didn’t mean to intrude, but his eyebrows are already furrowed, going through the options before he settles on “It’s a damn Zombie.”

Sadly for Doc, his five years of sobriety prior to the Z are about to end, because when people starting eating people, a few drugs are in order.

We cut back to Citizen Z next as he figures out what his hacker has been after. Someone hacked Camp Northern Light so they could keep track on the world’s most valuable asset…Murphy.

We then cut to Addy watching ice hockey and get a blast from the past as we learn how she and Mack ended up as survival partners. She’s watching the game when Mack and another skater get into a fist fight that is rapidly interrupted by an angry hobo zombie. If you look carefully in the shot below you can see just over the skaters right shoulder.

Addy’s First Z

Addy ends up saving Mack before they flee the stadium together. This was a fun segment, but it was tough seeing Mack again. I did enjoy the Addy and Mack segment though.

As 10K is watching the birds overhead its his turn to remember where he was when it started. Of all the backstories, 10K’s makes him look the youngest. He’s out fishing when he stumbles upon a game warden with a few arrows stuck in her.

10K’s First Z

Lucky for 10K his father is there to pick off a few of the horde.

The next flashback is just as heartbreaking as Addy’s. Vasquez is at the funeral parlor for his wife and daughter when the outbreak hits.

Vasquez’s First Z

Sadly for Vasquez, after he takes care of the mortuary attendant, he has to face his turned wife as she breaks out of her casket.

Vasquez Facing His Family

The final flashback belongs to Murphy. He’s in prison, playing cards in the yard when the outbreak hits. It feels so wrong to see Murphy without blue skin!!!

Murphy In Prison

The card game doesn’t last long. Two inmates get into a fight and after one stabs the other a few times, Murphy gets introduced to what is about to become his life as the stabbee quickly turns…

Murphy’s First Z

Murphy survives, but as he flees the yard, he is true to his “Murphy First” policy, locking the door behind him.

The writer’s have done an amazing job making Murphy a complete d*ck, but yet he’s likable. It’s one of those things about Z Nation that is just so well done. Murphy is a horrible person in many ways, but he also has moments of good that shine through. I guess that appeals to all of us for obvious reasons.

Murphy’s scene ends with him telling Warren he doesn’t want to keep going. He’s scared and is afraid it will hurt. Warren tells him she’s not going to lie, It might hurt, but it’s what has to happen.

We then cut to Citizen Z coming to the realization that someone has been using him to track Murphy the whole time, and he shuts down the servers that are left, trying to protect people he’s never met, but has a deep connection to.

Day 1  ends with Team Murphy reaching the west coast. They’ve reached the ocean, and are just a few steps away from the meeting place where the CDC is supposed to pick them up and help make a vaccine from Murphy’s blood.

Instead of finding a CDC lab Team Murphy finds themselves at a diner, or a Greasy Spoon as Murphy says. Warren and Vasquez go in to check it out only to find an older woman behind the counter, ready to offer tea while she keeps a MAC-10 just out of sight.

Day 1 was just a masterpiece in flashbacks and scored a 90/100, making it Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Puppies and Kittens95
12Fracking Zombies80
13Philly Feast80
14Full Metal Zombie81
15Home Sweet Zombie75
16Resurrection Z81
17Welcome to the Fu-Bar83
19Die Zombie Die… Again29
110Going Nuclear79
111Sisters Of Mercy82
112Murphy's Law80
113Doctor of the Dead91
21The Murphy90
22White Light81
23Zombie Road90
24Batch 4760
26Zombie Baby Daddy86
27Down The Mississippi87
28The Collector63
210We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon72
211Corporate Retreat85
212Party with the Zeros64
213Adiós, Muchachos69
214Day 190
215All Good Things Must Come to an End 94
31No Mercy90
32A New Mission77
33Murphy's Miracle80
34Escorpion and the Red Hand70
35Little Red and the Wolfz79
36Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest73
37Welcome to Murphytown 67
38Election Day80
39Heart of Darkness70
310They Grow Up So Quickly85
311Doc’s Angels70
312The Siege of Murphytown70
314Everybody Dies in the End70


The Sky Is a Graveyard finds Silas tied up outside while the the rest of the team tries to decide what to do with him. He was found passed out in a room with a body and his wrench was covered in blood. Did he kill Percy and Percy’s Uncle? Percy’s Uncle had his head based in and Percy is missing. Silas remains tied up outside, while the survivors struggle with what to do next.

Silas on Lock Down

Things don’t get any better for Silas after they search his bad and find Iris’s drawings she’d thrown away before they started their journey. Is Silas fixated on Iris? Did Silas kill Percy and his uncle out of jealousy?

As the team tries to figure out what to do with Silas he has flashbacks to what happened back at his house. Silas’s father was abusive, beating his mother and him alike. The question is, did Silas kill them both? What actually happened? When Silas sparred with his father he must have killed him because when Silas goes upstairs he finds his father has turned. Silas then flees to his room only to be forced to kill his father a second time after his mother comes home and is attacked.

Silas fighting his turned father.

Silas is suffering in his one hell as the rest of the group takes sides. Hope is ready to convict Silas while Huck is ready to leave him chained up when they walk away. Iris and Elton don’ quite buy it though, believing that Silas wouldn’t have hurt anyone without cause.

Silas is suffering, and when a walker is coming for him he seems at peace, ready to let it end. He’s only saved because Hope comes out in time to spear the Zombie.

Silas Facing Death

The next morning Iris goes out to talk to Silas, to ask him what happened and he reveals he got out of his restraints, but he stayed to talk to her. He doesn’t really remember what happened, all he remembers is anger.

After Silas leaves, Elton decides that he has to follow him, that Silas will have a better chance at surviving if he has someone to watch his back. Elton tells Hope that he’s going to find Silas, then his mother, which brings Hope to tell him the truth, that she killed his pregnant mother.

Silas and Elton move off, each of them on a different path for the moment.

The Sky Is a Graveyard ends with Huck revealing that she’s Elizabeth’s daughter when her mother hands her a watch, and Huck asks if it was Dads’? Huck then confirms that the package is safe, and she only has 48 before the rest of the survivors come looking for. They have to debrief fast so she can get to the other survivors. Who is the package? Is it Hope or Iris?

It took eight episodes for me to have that moment where I’m actually curious to see what happens next episode. In the end, it wasn’t enough to save the full episode yet which had a ton of dialogue and not much depth, which is why it scored a 62/100, making it an episode you should save for a Rainy Day.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
12The Blaze Of Glory50
13The Tyger and the Lamb65
14The Wrong End of a Telescope71
15Madman Across the Water60
16Shadow Puppets60
17Truth Or Dare60
18The Sky Is a Graveyard62
19The Deepest Cut55
110In This Life50