Bad Gun Handling – Do The Same Thing Every Time

People make silly assumptions. They assume that because someone handed you a gun that it must be unloaded right?

Whenever you are handling a firearm you treat it the same way every time – no exceptions. This minimizes the risks that something like this will happen.

The fist time you pick up the weapon:

  1. Clear it – even if you just saw the guy handing it to you clear it. Don’t trust anyone assessment of that weapon other than your own.
  2. Safe it – I don’t care if it is cleared, always put it on safe.
  3. Only point it at something you intend to shoot – because if you screw up or make a mistake on rules 1 or 2 this last one could save your life or the life of someone around you (as well as your fingers and your job).

Bad Gun Handling – Bad Parent Edition

Kids and guns do not mix.


There are no exceptions.

I dan’t care if this gun is unloaded or that guy is a level 100 Ninja Ranger Seal SAS bullet bending commando. Every gun should be treated like its loaded and there is absolutely zero instructional value or any other type of value in letting this child see/touch this weapon. If there are other kids around, this only gives them the desire to do the same, which could have disastrous consequences.

It is pictures like this that make responsible gun owners look bad…