Bad Gun Handling – Too Much To Handle

This happens so much I don’t even know what to say. People want to shoot the biggest gun they pick up, or hand the biggest gun they have to a new shooter.

A Smith & Wesson 500 weighs just under 4.5lbs. I certainly don’t want that coming at my face where all the force will be concentrated on the front blade sight.

This could have turned out very badly.

Don’t hand big guns to novice shooters. Make them progress from a .22 up through the calibers until you know they can handle something this monstrous.


Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. I hope you have an awesome day.

This is the awesome card my kids got me.

“Something Heartfelt” – is my youngest. He doesn’t get beat enough.

And I take pride in being the best NPD. (Non-Pe*is Dad) for my socially adopted son. He also calls my wife his NVM but I’ll let you figure that one out.