Real Impacts Of Tax Cuts

The rich are getting richer and the right wing wants you to believe that its because some poor soul who wasn’t getting healthcare now is – or that it’s because they got food stamps. Meanwhile the top 1% keeps getting richer while the middle class has stagnate wages or worse.

And the poor middle class sobs who eat up the hate and racism keep voting for the right, against their own best interests. Its scary and amazing.

Bad Gun Handling – Too Close To Your Face

The first thing that amazed (scared) me was that this appears to be from a police range somewhere in Asia – because they let that poor woman hold that pistol so close to her head with such a weak grip. She’s got her elbows down so they act like a pivot for the recoil forces. Just bad all around.

Don’t do this.

We Survived Jonas!!!

I know I’m getting old because having the huge snow storm hit over the weekend was a relief. Going to school was optional (in my head) but going to work isn’t. It is hard to tell exactly how much snow we got because the snow has been blown all around in drifts but I think this picture from my sister’s house tells the story: