Bad Gun Handling – Lefties

I am pretty sure this guy was doing this on purpose, having said that there is a very real reason to make sure that you get the gear that fits you.

In this case that means making sure you either learn to shoot as a “righty” or spend the extra collars to buy or get your gear outfitted for your preferences/physical abilities.

Be safe out there…

Bad Gun Handling – Pistol Grip Shotgun

No new shooter should be handed a pistol grip shotgun. It looks like this is some kind of police/military drill, but my guess is this shooter has never used that weapon before.

It is also really hard to tell where the end of that shotgun is compared to the guy with the shield.

Combine what looks to be a novice shooter with bad positioning for the shield guy and this could have turned out really badly.

Shoot safely. Be safe. Think before you act. Safety first.