Bad Gun Handling – Reactive Targets

Hmm, who would have thought that filling a fridge up with reactive targets could have turned out badly?

Lucky for this guy he was at least hiding behind a tree and the huge piece of shrapnel flew just left of him.

Maybe next time, for the next guy they won’t be so lucky.

Be smart out there people. Guns aren’t toys, and people can, have, and sadly, will get hurt.

Shoot smart, shoot safe…

Bad Gun Handling – Recoil

In the grand scheme of things this is a minor issue right? I guess your right, it just bothers me when I see a new shooter get hurt or embarrassed when they didn’t need to. If we want to give people a reason to come back to the range we need to show them the safe, and correct way to use the firearms we are putting in their hands.

Shoot safe. Be safe.

Happy New Year!!!

Have a happy and safe New Year and enjoy your loved ones and your friends.

Start the year out right, don’t let your friends and loved ones Drink and Drive – because you want to spend the rest of the year, and many more, with them.


And because I’m old, this spoke to me…

And it wouldn’t be the new year without some fireworks right?