Bad Gun Handling – Matrix Style

Look, if your a Navy Seal or some other highly trained individual with real military and combat experience, then you can ignore what I’m about to say. Otherwise, this is a really bad idea.

I’m assuming this was in a controlled environment and this guy wasn’t sweeping the cameraman with a loaded weapon every time he spun around. To me this is a last ditch survival effort – which means that for 99.99999% of us this is just something we’ll see in a movie.

Don’t try it, don’t ever sweep people with loaded weapons. Watch videos like this and think, oh, that cools – and let it stop there.

Bad Gun Handling – Shotgun On The Loose

I highly doubt this person started shooting with a shotgun with a stock – which means they never should have been handed a pistol grip version.

Why do people hand new shooters a 12G?

Do the right thing and give them a 410 and them move them to 20G.

That will let them learn how to handle the kick and give them time to grow into 12G.

Do it the right way or this could happen…

Bad Gun Handling – Muzzle Control

Notice how the camera starts to move as she sweeps him with that muzzle? That is because the person holding the camera knows how close they just came to dying.

Only point your firearm at thing you intend to destroy.

Always keep your muzzle pointed downrange. All the time, every time.

Be safe at their people – because this is how a moment of poor training turns into tragedy, and the reality is the person to blame is the person who handed this young lady a firearm without teaching her the correct way to handle it.