Let’s Act Like The Anti-Gay, Anti-Other Bill Was Something Other Than What It Was

Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to deny me services because of my religion, my sexuality, or my race.

Can a catholic deny me services because I’m an atheist?

Can a catholic hospital deny me services because I have a tattoo? (Leviticus 19:28 )

Shannon Bream is an idiot if she thinks this bill should have been passed. These people are all about freedom, as long as its their freedom. The moment I denied services because of my religion they would go batsh*t crazy.

The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 11)

Episode 11, Claimed


Episode eleven, Claimed, starts off with Tara and Glenn being taken somewhere by the big red haired dude. They kinda flirt, and then things jump back to Rick, Carl, and Michonne back at the house. Michonne actually gets Carl laughing a little but then he accidentally says something about Judith, and sinks into a bit of a depression.

Michonne then shows Carl her spray cheese eating skills, but even that doesn’t improve his mood. While Michonne and Carl are out scavenging Rick is left alone in the house, and he wakes up from a nap hearing voices, and we aren’t quite sure if they are real, or in his head.

And of course, Rick gave his gun to Carl when he left and the voices he hears are real. There are armed people in the house.

As Michonne and Carl are scavenging they bond, and Carl gives Michonne a wrapped picture. When she unwraps it, the creepy picture is of a walker with blood splashes, which understandably puts her on edge. She goes on alert (but doesn’t go to back Carl up) and finds a kids room. (And relaxes way to quick) She opens the pink door and finds the family who owned the house. It creeps her out, but I’m not sure if it’s because it brings back the memories of her own kids, or because she realizes someone killed them?

When Glenn wakes up he’s in the back of the truck but Tara has no idea where they are going. Glenn is freaking out, afraid that Maggie is dead. Glenn makes them stop the truck and big red (Abraham) tells Glenn he can’t let him go, they are on a time critical mission. The other dude with him is a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused the outbreak. The hot girl is just eye candy though. (Abraham didn’t say that, I did.)2014_TWD_S4_E11_IMASceientist

Glenn asks what is going on and Abraham tells them he needs to get to Washington. They were talking with someone there via a sat phone, but no one has been picking up.

Abraham tries to convince Glenn that Maggie is dead or gone, and that nothing he does will change that. Glenn gets pissed and decks Abraham, starting a fist fight. The noise brings a horde of walkers out, and then the scientist dude opens up with some panic fire, some of which hit the truck.

Back at the house Rick escapes from under the bed, but the new comers are walking around, almost stumbling into him. As Rick is trying to find a way out the guys downstairs are talking about finding Michonne’s shirt. They seem real interested in finding a lady, which creeps me out. While this is going on Rick stumbles into the bathroom and is forced to strangle a dude. (They should have had the guy with his pants around his ankles.) After the strangulation Rick climbs out on the roof and jumps down onto the back deck. He escapes into the yard (which some sheep apparently grazed down to just mowed length) and makes his way to the front of the house.

Back at the perforated truck Glenn heads off south, knowing that he has to find Maggie. Tara follows him, and surprisingly so does the hot chick.

When it cuts back to Rick, one of the bad guys is sitting on the porch, and Carl is just coming down the road with Michonne. Rick is just about to jump and shoot the man on the porch when the man who was strangled in the house comes back as a walker, causing a perfect distraction.

The hot girl’s name is Eva.

The last thing we see is Rick and team finding a poster for survivors to rally on the side of a train, and they head off in that direction.


Things I loved about this episode…

  • Michonne & Carl bonding. What I can’t tell is if it is a motherly type of love, or if it is something else?
  • The Rick under the bed scene. I was holding my breath. Then the guy jumped in the bed – wouldn’t he have felt the warmth from where Rick was lying though?
  • The way Michonne told Rick she wasn’t running anymore, then opens up to Carl as they are walking around. It was very touching.
  • The hot girl (Esponosa?) shooting when the walkers come out around the truck while Glenn and Abraham are fighting. They could have made her scene just a bit longer.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Rick letting Michoone & Carl go scavenging without him. I know he is still recovering, but how could you let your kid out of your sight?
  • Why would Eva (the hot girl) be wearing shorts and a belly shirt? It’s hot, but dumb attire for the apocalypse.

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