Bad Gun Handling – How To Kill Someone Upstairs

Let’s go over the rules again.

  • Know your target and what is beyond.
  • Know how to use the gun safely.
  • Be sure the gun is safe to operate.
  • Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
  • Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate.
  • Never use alcohol or over-the-counter, prescription or other drugs before or while shooting.
  • Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

See more at: Gun Safety

Multiple safety rules were broken here. Don’t play with guns – you hurt all responsible firearm owners…

The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 15)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 15, Something They Need



Something They Need begins with Tara telling Rick about the group she ran into – and how well armed they were.


We shortly find out the answer to one of the cliff hangers from last week. Sasha is alive – but she’s been captured – and her jailer is a total creep. Sasha asks him for some water and he tells her she can have some if she will do something for him – then she head butts him as hard she can. Sasha is about to get raped with Negan shows up. Rape is not allowed and the penalty is death.

Negan then gives Sasha a choice. She can take the knife he leaves her kill the rapist zombie or she can die – if that is what she really wants. Eugene then comes and gives her the “choose Negan” speech. I so wanted Sasha to kill Eugene, but she didn’t. After Eugene leaves we see the rapist zombie start to twitch. What will Sasha decide?

It appears that Sasha may be going the way of Eugene – and while Negan is talking to her he lets drop that he knows Rick is up to something – and  they are going to have to do something about that.

Later when Eugene comes back to talk to Sasha she begs him for some way to end it. She doesn’t want to be turned. She doesn’t want to be turned against Rick and her friends. She begs him for some way to end it. Eugene tells he he will consider it, which is when we get to see the strange smile on Sasha’s face. I don’t thinks shes been turned yet.

When Eugene comes back he gives Sasha the poison he made earlier in the season. Sasha does not look happy. I think she was looking for a weapon she could have used against Negan.


At Hilltop Maggie is teaching people how to farm. When she goes out beyond the wall Gregory follows her – he wants her gone. Maybe so much so that he is willing to attack her? She asks Gregory to keep a look out and while he has his knife out he clearly struggles with the moment he has to kill Maggie. She is on her knees and vulnerable digging. He struggles, seeing his moment, and then appears to decide against it before two walkers show up. Maggie ends up saving him, and then embarrassing him as others see him puking. She tries to comfort him by telling the others it was his first and he’s learning. I don’t think she realizes how badly she just messed up. I can’t imagine Gregory is any happier now?

When Gregory gets back to his office he cryptically looks at a map before telling someone to pack a bag. Gregory is going on a trip?

Team Rick

Rick and his team have gone to find Tara’s reclusive people in hopes they can convince them to fight and or give them guns. Tara goes in first and says hello at gunpoint – because she knows if she just said hi they would likely kill her on sight.

Tara tells her to sit – they need to talk. Which is exactly when Cindy, her friend shows up. Tara tells them that Rick is out there and they want their guns. Tara tells them that if Oceanside is willing to fight they can kill Negan. Before Tara can get the leader of Oceanside to agree to help Team Rick attacks and thanks to Michonne’s sniper skills no one gets to the armory and Team Rick mostly takes the compound without injury – at least until Tara lets herself get taken hostage. Which kicks off a showdown between Team Rick and the leader of Oceanside with a gun to Tara’s head.

Things are about to go south when a bunch of walkers show up and save the day. Team Rick gets to show the people of Oceanside they don’t want to hurt them – they just need the guns to fight Negan.

After the fight with the walkers in the woods Team Rick cleans out the armory. Tara tells Cindy they’ll bring the guns back after they are done with Negan. Cindy wants to go but can’t.

When Team Rick gets back to Alexandria Dwight is there. He says he wants Negan dead.

It looks like everything is being set up for a big finale!!!

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The ocean rotted zombies in the opening scene. Very cool effects.
  • Negan killing the guy who was going to rape Sasha. Negan still has to die, but I did like the fact that he doesn’t support rape.
  • Sasha calling Rick Negan’s “Bitch” when he asks her if Rick sent her so he wouldn’t expect it was a “hit”.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Finding out that Eugene really has turned into a full Neganite. I hate you Eugene!!!
  • Sasha appearing to give in to Negan.


  • We get absolute confirmation that Eugene has been turned and belongs 100% to Negan. Books:

The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 14)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 14, The Other Side



The Other Side starts with knives. People are throwing them and sharpening them. War is coming and Maggie is trying to get Hilltop Prepared

While Maggie works to get Hilltop ready Sasha is working on her plan to kill Negan. Jesus catches her procuring bullet sand tries to talk her out of it but Sasha won’t budge, and says neither will Rosita. Jesus offers to go with them but Sasha doesn’t want to hear it – Jesus will be needed for the fight that will come after.

Then the Saviors show up, which forces Maggie & Daryl to hide. The Saviors stride right into the mayors house. The Saviors have come for someone specific. The question is do they know that Daryl is there or are they after Maggie?

While Maggie & Daryl are hiding Sasha and Rosita escape through a tunnel to start their hunting trip.

As the Saviors are searching Hilltop Enid tries to distract one of the men who is searching only to be rebuffed and have her knife stolen. The Savior goes down into the basement and begins to rummage through supplies.

Which is when we learn who the Saviors came for. The doctor. Because Negan killed their own doctor, and he makes that perfectly clear to their new replacement MD. The saviors give Gregory (The Mayor) a box full of something in return for the Doc, but I couldn’t tell what was in the crate.

Which is also when we see Daryl almost kill the Savior in the basement. He wanted to, but Maggie stops him. The silent moment after Maggie confronts Daryl. Daryl shows his guilt and Maggie tells him it wasn’t his fault, that Daryl is one of the good things in the world.

After the Saviors leave Hilltop we go back to Sasha & Rosita. They have found a fenced in area with a few zombies. 

They use a small car fire to distract the undead before climbing in and taking a car.

Once Sasha and Rosita are in position they see Eugene, but no Negan. This leads to a nice moment between Sasha & Rosita as Rosita tells Sasha that she paired up with multiple preppers and survivalists, and while they thought they were protecting her, she was learning everything they knew how to do – until she met Abraham – who wanted her to join them because he could tell she knew how to handle herself.

After the Doc from Hilltop shows up at Negan’s compound the man himself does come out for a little while, but Sasha never gets a clear shot – which means its time to go in and get closer. Sasha and Rosita think they are helping Eugene when they kill the Savior next to him – but he doesn’t want to go with them. He “didn’t ask them to come”. Sasha then locks Rosita out and pulls a Leroy Jenkins into Negan’s compound.

Back at Hilltop The Mayor feels emboldened by Dennis’s promise of support if anyone needs to be beaten down and tells Jesus that he should be careful.

In the end we are left with two cliffhangers.

  1. Is Sasha dead after she rushes the compound?
  2. Is it Daryl who finds Rosita as she’s running away? It looks like his crossbow, but who knows?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Enid throwing her knife for the bulls eye hit on the log.
  • Maggie telling Daryl he’s one of the good things in the world. (I think this is when I go something in my eye and it may have looked like I teared up – but it was really just dust or something in my eye.)

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Gregory kind of hinting that he might not have good control over Hilltop to Denis from the Saviors. Really? I would think that would make him seem weak in their eyes, and maybe a liability?
  • Sasha puts her rifle out the window when they are overlooking Negan’s compound. Come on, you could be seen!!!
  • Eugene really has turned. He’s one of Negan’s men now.


  • That I realized the Girl who leads the Trash People is the crazy Evil Chick from Hap & Lenard.
  • We get to see Maggies baby!! (I think this is the first time?) Books: