Stainless Steel Eye Screws

These Stainless Steel Eye Screws are worth there weight in gold. Need to hang something up in the wilderness? These Stainless Steel Eye Screws are just the thing you need. They easily screw into trees and the sides of buildings. That gives you the ability to hang stuff. Maybe you need to string some game up to butcher it? Or keep gear close to the doors or windows where you might need it. I also love them to hang lights.

Those uses are mostly pre Apocalypse though. Post Apocalypse I love these Eye Screws for a bunch of different reasons. The first is basic security. With some line and a few household objects you can create a trip line that will make noise. That is handy if you don’t have 100% control over the area you are sleeping. These Eye Screws are also perfect to make other types of traps. Those could be more benign trip lines or more deadly traps if the situation warrants lethal force.

Once the shelves are empty and the survivors have picked over what’s left, you better be ready for scavengers trying to take what you have. It is just how the world works.

Someone asked me why I put these in the Survival Technology Gear category. The answer is pretty simple. Try making one of these by hand with nothing but a fire and some hammers.

Stainless Steel Eye Screws Scoring

Stainless Steel Eye Screws can have a Low Impact on your survival and score 105/1000.

Don’t let the number fool you. Being on the list of top thousand survival gear items is a big deal. Just being on the list makes this critical gear.

  • The advantage of an eye screw is that it allows things to hang from it and takes little time to install
  • May be used to attach two things together, hang medium-weight applications and hook cables together for supporting objects
  • Stainless Steel is rust and water resistant for marine, bath and outdoor applications. Does not stain or corrode as easily as ordinary steel

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  • 0 to 199 Lower Impact
    • Lower Impact items may not have a direct impact on physical survival but play a part in psychological or quality of life when it comes to survival.
  • 200 to 499 Moderate Impact
    • Moderate Impact items can save your life, but may be more situational.
  • 500 to 899 High Impact
    • High Impact items will not only save your life, but will have a large impact on everyday life. Without these items your odds of survival fall.
  • 900 to 1000 Extreme Impact
    • Extreme Impact items are life and death. Without them you are dead. That death may be slow or fast, but you will die without them.

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