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Garden State Horse Archers – Franklin NJ

Just in case you make the same mistake I did, there are two Garden State Horse Archers in New Jersey. We went to the one in Franklin NJ, which isn’t affiliated with the business in North Hanover.

Our experience at Garden State Horse Archers was really mixed. It started with a lot of frustration. The business is based out of a barn behind a house on a regular street. It ended with me a little pissed.

There is no sign. So unless you scan the small numbers on mail boxes, you are going to pass by three or four times, just like I did.

So my first bit of feedback would be that if you want a successful business, run it like one. Put out a sign, it will help you customers come spend money there.

My second bit of feedback would be that one someone pulls up and asks if they are in the right spot, don’t give them a sarcastic answer. I waved and said hello, and when I asked if I was in the right spot, the answer was some quip about hopefully, which left me unsure if I was in the right spot – until I mentioned the archery session, which finally got me a confirmation that we were in the correct location.

The proprietor seemed put off that we were there. The lesson was a holiday gift for my son, and we stood there to take some pictures while he was given some instruction prior to getting on a horse. Everyone who worked there seemed annoyed that we were taking some pictures of our son.

I am a friendly person, I give people the benefit of the doubt and support our local small businesses. Here are some tips to improving your business.

Don’t leave dirty mattresses lying out, it honestly a little creepy.

I get it, its probably an old target. It just looks creepy and dirty.

Which leads me to the seating. There was a table and some chairs, which would have been great to sit in while we waited for our son, but they were dirty and covered in grime, so we ended up in our car.

Then our son came back from his lesson, which he loved, which is the positive part of this review.

When we stopped to eat lunch he showed us his arm though. Apparently they don’t want you using a forearm guard – because that will teach you bad horse archery habits. They would rather you leave with some burns on your arms.

This is the part that left me pissed. We bought a one time horse archery lesson. The staff who worked there acted like my son was starting a training class to join an Olympic team. This was for enjoyment, lighten up a little, and return my kid to me in the same shape he was dropped off.

For the money, I would find someplace else to go, regardless of how good the coupon is for the horse archery.