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Outside Cats

So our little indoor cat is fascinated by his brothers outside. He will sit there with his paw out the door so they can fist bump. He is funny though, when the outside cats touch his paw he will run around for a moment before going back to his watch position at the door.

Stray Kitties Smell Each Other

One of the strays in particular has decided he likes to sit at my back door and watch what is going on in my kitchen. My two indoor cats (who were rescued from outside when they were kittens and are related to the family of strays in my field) find them fascinating.

We opened the door a little so they could smell each other and the younger of our two cats was stretching his paws out, trying to touch the other cats. It was very sweet the way they were all meowing at each other, but for the moment the outside cats are still a bit hesitant and stayed just a little bit out of reach.

If you look closely, that white sticking through the open sliding glass door is his little paw.

Stray Cats At The Door

I felt so bad for outside cats yesterday. It was raining in the morning and as I was sitting there eating my breakfast this little fellow sat there and watched me. I cracked the door a little so my cats could smell him and he was meowing, begging to be let in. (Or at least that is what my wife says he was saying.)

After the holidays she is going to try and bring him in. We have family coming for Kmiss so she is going to wait until after that to try and covert this guy from half feral to full house cat.

Outdoor Cat Friends

We have two cats, one we found under a bush across the street, and another that we took in from the side yard when Momma Cat had another littler last year. Since then my wife (cat angel) has caught and had all the cat’s fixed, and she puts food at the edge of the woods next to our house where those cats live.

Over the last year those outside cats have also gotten a heated igloo and heated water bowl for the winter months, and a huge outdoor cat tree. Yes, my wife has gone full crazy cat lady!

All those outside cats, although feral, have gotten very used to my wife and myself, and now they are coming up on the deck to watch us.

Our indoor cats are very curious, and no one is aggressive, which is nice, and they are all related. It makes me wonder what everyone is thinking as they sit and stare at each other.

Crazy Kitten

So we recently bought a new TV. I was so excited. It is the first new TV in like 8 years, and I had saved all year to get it as a family present.  It turned into a horrible cluster f*ck.  But anyway, that is why the one wall of my house is empty still. I can’t finish installing the TV until the new entertainment system comes. And now my new TV is forever going to remind me that I hurt my back and wasted $200 bucks on a “temparary” TV stand from Walmart that was a piece of sh*t and even though it said it would hold up to 100lbs, was bending with my 70lb set on it.

Anyway, mental trauma aside, the cat really liked it when I used my work projector to try and let my youngest watch a movie with his girlfriend.