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Politics – Disgusting

This is the man that the religious right holds up as their new messiah?

That is wrong on so many levels, they have been seduced by Satan, willing to give up all their morals for a single issue vote, and what better way for Satan to make a home in their hearts than to make them think they are getting something they want.

This is the man the Trump Republicans are willing to destroy our country over.


Marjorie Taylor Greene – The Face Of Trumps Republican Party

This is what Trump has done to the “Old Republican Party”. It is now filled with unintelligent Trump worshippers who’s only policy is hate.

Save our country, save the Republican party, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Vote out anyone who supports hate and bigotry. Let’s vote them all out and get back to our core values. For me that means not spending money we don’t have – and helping the middle class.

The New Republican Party should be about fair taxes, fiscal conservatism, universal voting and universal healthcare. Let’s make our ideas the centerpiece, and win.