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Bad Gun Handling – Loaded Gun

These guys are so lucky no one was hurt.

This is why you treat every weapon like its loaded, and you always point it down range.

If there were two rounds on that gun, he easily could have jerked the trigger on the recoil and killed someone next to him or behind him.

Be careful, be safe, treat every weapon like its loaded, and don’t put your finger on the trigger until your siting down range. Using a safety is also good practice, but it really is the last resort in safe gun handling.

Trump – Screw Family Bonds

Can you imagine if any country separated your kids from you because your passport was expired or worse yet, you were going to them to try and get a better life?

That would be horrible.

Now imagine that after you were seperated that no one can tell you where your kids are?

Is this our country?

It is under Trump.

This is wrong. Anyone who supports Trump has to be voted out.