The Last Of Us Season 1, Episode 4

Episode four is titled, Please Hold on to My Hand. So far the series has been amazing. Screw the a-holes who review bombed Episode 3 because they are so insecure about themselves. Let’s see how the fourth episode holds up.

Spoilers Below

I give detailed, blow by blow details as I review. If you want to skip the spoilers jump down to the Scoring!

If you have watched Please Hold on to My Hand let me know if you agree with my scoring below.

Ellie & Her Gun

Ellie is fascinated by her new toy. Cough, I mean firearm. Bella Ramsay really shines here. You can feel Ellie’s excitement at holding the small pistol.

Outside, Joel is scavenging gas. Ellie tries to cheer him up but Joel resists.

I love the road scenes. The highway crowded with deserted cars. Just so well done.

When they pull off to rest for the night Ellie begs for a fire. It’s cold. Joel doesn’t care, there are people about who aren’t friendly. The two eat canned food and settle down in sleeping bags for the night.

There is a cute scene as Ellie tries to make Joel laugh. It is a very sweet father daughter moment.

Just before Ellie falls asleep she asks Joel nervously if they are safe. He promises her they are – but you can see he’s nervous. A short time later we see him standing watch as Ellie sleeps.

The Car Ride – Next Day

Joel makes some coffee before the two of them head back out. Ellie is not a fan of the way coffee smells. As they drive Ellie gets Joel talking. Joel gives Ellie his and Tommy’s story. The road becomes clogged with vehicles. Joel weaves his way through before they come to a block in the road. Joel gets out to investigate. The road on the other side of the overpass is clear. They just need to find a way around.


It’s not long before Joel and Ellie are lost in the city. As they search for the highway they are ambushed by survivors. The truck looses its tires to nail strips before it swerves into a laundromat. The scavengers open fire on the truck before Joel picks them apart. At least until the last one gets the drop on Joel and Ellie gets to use her new gun – saving Joel.

The kid is still alive. Ellie shot him in his spine. The kid begs for his life as Ellie hides. There is a brutal thump and the begging stops. Joel and Ellie are on the run.

Scavenger Base

An old man is being held captive. He is being interrogated by a young woman who is not happy with the old man. The old man betrayed her family. She wants information on where Henry is. Who is Henry? We don’t know yet. After she see’s the bodies of the men Joel killed she gives a simple speech. Find and kill who did it.

Joel and Ellie watch from inside an abandoned building, watching as the scavenger search parties search building to building. They share a moment as Joel feels bad for forcing Ellie to have to shoot someone to save him. Ellie admits it wasn’t her first time. Joel clears the small pistol and gives Ellie a brief handgun training session. Afterwards he hands her the weapon and tells her to put it in her pack. Of course Ellie ignores this order and puts the gun in her jacket pocket.

Ellie is now packing heat.

Scavenger Queen

The female lead of the bandits looks over an attic hideaway. Henry was there. More importantly we learn a bit about who Henry is and why the Scavenger Queen is interested in Henry. Henry has Sam with him. Sam is clearly this woman’s son.

They are in the basement when the Queen and her soldier find a broken floor. Whatever it is – its bad. They both exit the room in a panic. Her soldier wants to tell the rest of the scavengers but she forbids it.

Breaking And Entering

Joel lifts Ellie up to squeeze through an air vent. They have entered what looks like an apartment building. Joel wants to get up high so he can see the city around them and figure out how to escape. As they work their way up endless stairs Joel admits that he’s been one of the Ambushers in the past. Ellie asks him if he’s killed innocent people and he ignores her.

They climb as high as they can before Joel calls it. He spreads broken glass out on the floor as an impromptu alarm system. Joel asks her who else she’d shot but Ellie doesn’t want to talk about it. He tries to tell her he feels bad for her growing up in their world but it creates some friction. It’s all okay though. Ellie tells a joke about diarrhea and they are both shortly laughing and giggling.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. Ellie has a gun pointed at her head as she calls for Joel who starts awake just before the episode ends.

Please Hold on to My Hand Scoring

Please Hold on to My Hand had a lot to live up to. The first three episodes were off the charts amazing. Episode 4 is a great episode. There was some action, but it was all people versus people. It needed a few more Zombies in my opinion. Still, it carried the story forward and the bond between Joel and Ellie is very nicely matured. They share jokes, as they learn to care about each other. It was very often touching.

It just didn’t have quite the weight of the first three episodes and scores an 80/100. Still very Worth Your Time, just a bit off from the peaks of the season premiere episodes.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11When You’re Lost in the Darkness100
13Long Long Time95
14Please Hold on to My Hand80

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The Last Of Us Season 1, Episode 3

Long Long Time is the 3rd episode of the The Last of Us. The first two episodes both scored a 100/100. That is the first time that’s ever happened since The Walking Dead Season 1. If you aren’t watching, you really need to fix that. The only part that sucks is that if you are on the East Coast you have to wait until 9pm to get your fix!

Long Long Time
The Last of Us: Long Long Time

Spoilers Below

I give detailed, blow by blow details as I review. If you want to skip the spoilers jump down to the Scoring!

If you have watched Long Long Time let me know what scene you thought was the most powerful.

Opening Scene

Joel and Ellie have made it out of Boston. They are out in the wilderness, alive, but clearly affected by the loss of Tess. Joel is pissed. Ellie is more more and emotionally intelligent than any fourteen year old should be. She knows that Joel is pissed and that he might be angry at her for Tess’s death.

Cumberland Farms

Joel and Ellie come across a gas station as they move through the woods. Joel stashed supplies in the past but seems to have forgotten exactly where. While Joel searches, Ellie finds a hatch in the floor. Because she apparently has no survival instinct she decides to go into the dark basement under the convenience store. As Ellie explores she finds an infected man crushed beneath a fallen section of wall.

Ellie Comes Face to Face With A Zombie

Ellie’s eyes are hard and cold as she slowly drags her blade across the Zombie’s face. What is she thinking? Is she wondering what is inside her? She isn’t infected like others, but that doesn’t mean the Cordyceps isn’t changing her somehow right?

When Joel calls for her she simply tells him the store wasn’t as picked over as he thought. Ellie found a box of tampons. She doesn’t tell Joel she just made her first kill.


Joel and Ellie are hiking. They are also bonding. We get a bit of back story as they chat. The tainted food carried the fungus. The world ended quickly as everyone who ate the infected food turned into Zombies. Ellie has a Right Angle Flashlight on her backpack which I absolutely just ordered.

Joel warns Ellie that they may want to cut across open ground. There are things ahead she may not want to see. The ground is littered with the skeletal remains of survivors who were gunned down to make sure they didn’t turn.

September 30th 2003 (Flashback)

Survivors are being loaded onto trucks as police and military forces try to keep them organized.

A man is sitting in his basement, watching what is going above him on his video cameras. Bill, played by Nick Offerman, has entered the scene. Bill has a plan. He gets gas and supplies. He’s been planning for the end of the world and is ready to deal with it.

Fences go up. Defenses are set. Firewood is cut. The garden is planted.

Bill is enjoying his dinner when his security system warns him of movement. A Zombie walks directly into a trap and gets blown away. Bill – “It doesn’t get old.”

This statement is important. It clearly shows that Bill has seen multiple Zombies fall to his defenses. He knows what dangers this new world has in store for him.

Bill – Four Years Later, 2007 (Flashback)

Bill’s preparations have clearly served him well. He’s survived years while others have died in droves.

The security system beeps. Bill has captured a man in a trap. Bill has a tester. The man is not infected. Bill wants the man to keep moving on but the man is hungry. Frank is hungry. Bill is worried that if he feeds Frank others will show up.

Something passes between Bill and Frank. Bill might be safe but just like anyone he needs companionship. There is a human need to be near others.

Are Bill and Frank gay? I am not sure at this point but feel like they might be. (Good for them.)

Maybe what saved Frank was Bill’s gaydar?

Frank prepares dinner. Rabbit and Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages. Bill is more refined than he might appear. Frank is enjoying his dinner as Bill struggles to come to grips with the newcomer. Frank knows that he is supposed to dine and dash but he sees the piano and can’t help but sit down and tickle the ivories.

The first song Frank picks hits a nerve with Bill. Bill sits down to take his turn at the keyboard. Neither Bill or Frank have a good singing voice but somehow it is still a very touching scene.

Frank bends over to kiss Bill. It is a touching scene. It is also the first scene that maybe could have been done better. There wasn’t enough passion in the kiss. For two men, starved of life, I would have thought there first kiss would have been more ravenous.

Two seconds later the reason why becomes clear. Bill has never been true to himself. Frank is is first gay love, and gay lover.

Bill & Frank – Three Years Later (Flashback)

Frank is pissed. Bill does not want to give Frank supplies to fix up the house.

Why? Because Bill and Frank are going to have friends.

In the next cut scene we see Bill, Frank, Tess, and Joel having lunch. Bill is up tight and worried about security. Frank is just happy to have people over.

Bill doesn’t want Joel and Tess to ruin their lives. Joel helps bring Frank to their side by promising to bring him new fencing. Joel also warns Frank that scavengers will be coming. Bill’s defenses may not be as solid as he thinks.

Bill & Rank 2013 (Flashback)

Bill has updated his fence. What was wire is now stacks of crushed cars. Frank surprises Bill with a small strawberry patch. It is a sweet and emotional moment. Now I’m scared for the “crash”.

Bill tells Frank he was never afraid before he showed up. The meaning is clear. Before Frank Bill wasn’t afraid to die because he had nothing to die for.

Frank is sleeping. The scavengers have arrived.

Bill’s traps go off. Some of the scavengers are killed but there are too many of them. Frank drags Bill inside after he is wounded. Bill, like a moron, was standing out in the open.

Bill is bleeding out. His last words to Frank before he passes out are, “Call Joel, he’ll take care of ya.”

Bill & Frank – Older

Time has passed. Frank is frail and no longer able to walk. Bill pushes him around in his wheelchair and tends to their homestead. It appears that Frank has had a stroke? He appears weak and can only move with Bill’s help.

Bill wakes up to find Frank in his chair. Frank declares it is his last day. He doesn’t want to live as a burden on Bill. Frank asks for one more good day. Frank has a plan. One more good day. Marriage. And finally a glass of wine full of enough drugs to end his life.

Bill cries but follows Frank’s instructions.

Frank prepares the same rabbit and Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages meal they had on the day they first met. Bill dutifully mixes Frank’s drink with the medications as requested. Frank downs the glass after confirming the dosage is enough.

Frank notices there were already pills in the bottle. Bill plans on going with Frank into the next world. They laugh about how romantic the gesture is.

Welcome to Lincoln (Current Timeline)

Joel and Ellie have arrived at Bill’s homestead. Things look deserted. Joel calls out to his friends. The medicated meal on the table doesn’t look too old. Joel and Ellie have arrived not too long after the fateful dinner. Bill and Frank are dead.

Bill’s letter to whomever, but probably Joel, is heart wrenching.

Joel and Ellie now have a truck, weapons, and supplies. Joel is grumpy as hell, but the two of them are in much better straits than they were.

The two of them ransack Bill’s supplies. Not only do they have hot water for showers but also toilet paper, guns, ammo, and food. Joel tells Ellie no when she asks about a gun but she finds one in Bill’s desk and takes in anyway.

Joel and Ellie get into Bill’s Chevy S10 and head out. Ellie is amazed. She has never been in a car. Joel is more realistic. It’s an old budget truck. Hopefully it will get him to his brother.

Long Long Time Scoring

First thing. Both Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal are amazing. They are incredible actors. Bill, played by Nick Offerman, and Frank, played by Murray Bartlett are also great – their story just doesn’t have the same weight as Joel and Ellie’s. Still, the episode was amazing. How could it hold up to the first two episodes? That is an unfair expectation isn’t it?

Still, Long Long Time was a gripping and emotional episode and scores a 95/100, making it Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11When You’re Lost in the Darkness100
13Long Long Time95
14Please Hold on to My Hand80

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The Last Of Us Season 1, Episode 2

Infected is the Episode 2 of Season 1 of HBO’s new Zombie Apocalypse series.

There are spoilers in the review below.

The Last of Us: Infected

Jakarta, Indonesia 2003

Infected opens on a diner. Ibu Ratna is eating her lunch. Two uniformed men enter. Ibu Ratner has no choice but to go with them. The soldiers driver her to a base and show her a pathology slide taken from a human subject.

Ibu Ratna calmly explains that what she is seeing does not make any sense. Cordyceps cannot survive in humans. After questioning the three star general Ibu gives the soldiers some chilling advice. If they want to control the infect that is about to be unleashed they should start bombing.

Boston, Current Day

Ellie wakes up in a square of sunlight. Joel and Tess are sitting nearby watching her. Ellie’s positive test has Joel spooked.

Tess interrogates Ellie, forcing the girl to tell them her secret. The Fireflies are convinced that Ellie has the cure to the infection. Joel doesn’t believe it but Tess doesn’t care. She is more pragmatic. If the Fireflies are willing to pay for transporting Ellie, Tess is willing to do whatever needs to get done in order to get paid.

Tess forces Joel to think of the payday. It is time to head west. The first challenge is getting through Boston. The original route has been damaged by collapsing buildings, forcing the small group to cut through a hotel.

This gives us one of the first really cool visuals of the episode. Once they make it onto a terrace they see that the infected have swarmed out into the open. Ellie notices how the infected move in unison and Tess uses it as a chance to educate the young lady on how the Cordyceps can communicate across large distances.

The Horde

With their original plan blocked by infected, they fall back to take a route through The Museum.

The Museum, Current Day

Joel examines the Cordyceps veins outside The Museum, hopeful that the dried up tendrils mean the building is clear of the infected. At first all seems well. At least until Ellie finds a fresh body. Joel and Tess are anxious. Clearly they know that they are in danger. With little options, they continue through The Museum.

They make it up a few flights of stairs before the way behind them caves in, drawing the attention of the infected. In the distance we hear clicks and cries. The infected are coming. The three travels hide as the infected stumble into the room. The infected can’t see them, but it can hear them if they make any noise. Joel cautions her to be quiet but she can’t help but gasp in fear.

The survivors are separated briefly as the infected attack.

This leads to some awesome combat scenes. The Cordyceps are hard to kill, although head shots seem to be the most effective.

Ellie ends up bitten again while Tess has rolled her ankle. The trio makes it to the roof and then down through the collapsed buildings to the street.

The Street, Current Day

Once through The Museum the trio reaches a large transport vehicle. Whoever Joel was expecting to be there isn’t. There is however a body on the ground and a blood trail leading inside a nearby building.

Tess rushes in. The band of survivors they were hoping to find has been destroyed. Joel looks at the bodies. One of the band must have been bitten, which resulted in a battle that destroyed the group. Joel wants to keep moving but Tess tells them they are going to need to leave her behind.

Tess has been bitten. As the new reality sits in, one of the bodies on the floor moves and Joel quickly dispatches it with a head shot.

Tess shows Joel Ellie’s wound. Tess is going to turn, but Ellie isn’t. Joel has to get Ellie to Bill and Frank’s. They can take Ellie west if he can get her to them. As Tess is begging Joel to agree we see the hand near the infected Joel just killed. There is a tendril of Cordyceps nearby.

The Infected Phone Home

The infected are coming.

Tess grabs a rifle and uses it to spill barrels of fuel. She is going to keep the Cordyceps from following Joel and Ellie at all costs. As the door breaks down Tess is flicking her lighter, struggling to get a spark as hordes of infected run up the stairs.

One of the infected pauses in front of Tess, giving her a Cordyceps kiss as she desperately tries to flick her lighter. Just as she is being fully taken the lighter ignites and first floor of the building goes up.

Joel and Ellie hear the explosion and turn to see fire envelop the building.


There were so many things I love about Infected. Ellie is sassy, funny, and adds a bit of humor to what could otherwise become too heavy. On the other side, Joel and Tess exude anxiety and fear when they are moving through the infected territory, making me sit on the edge of my seat with tension.

Infected earned every point of its perfect 100/100 score.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11When You’re Lost in the Darkness100
13Long Long Time95
14Please Hold on to My Hand80

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The Last Of Us Season 1, Episode 1

When You’re Lost in the Darkness

When You’re Lost in the Darkness is the season premiere of HBO’s new Zombie Apocalypse series.

There are spoilers in the review below.

The Last Of Us When You're Lost in the Darkness
The Last Of Us


When You’re Lost in the Darkness opens with two epidemiologists discussing microorganisms and how they could cause a global pandemic. One of the epidemiologist explains how some fungi take control of their hosts and force them to do the fungi’s will. What is that will? To spread, to take over. This segment was a great way to explain what is about to start.


Sarah Miller, played by Nico Parker, wakes up in her pink bedroom adorned with posters, school awards, and pictures of her friends and family. She immediately runs to make sure her father, Joel Miller, played by Pedro Pascal is awake.

It is Joel’s birthday. He seems gruff, but clearly his daughter loves him. The two have immediate onscreen chemistry. As Joel’s brother comes in we find out that there are money problems. Joel is going to work a double on his birthday.

Sarah runs upstairs to take a watch and money from her father’s nightstand. After hearing about their money issues, it seems like a crappy thing to do.


As the Miller’s are leaving, we are introduced to their next door neighbors. The neighbors ask Sarah to come over later, laying on a guilt trip. Sarah reluctantly agreess to go over after school.

After school Sarah heads to a watch repair shop. We find out that she isn’t a thief after all. She took the money and the watch to fix it as a birthday present for her father. The shopkeeper fixes the watch just in time before his wife demands he shuts the store. Sarah leaves the store is shutdown for the day.

It has started. Once Sarah gets back to her neighbors, it isn’t long before we see Nana turn.

Nana Turns

The scene is a masterpiece. It was subtle, and I found myself tensing up as I watched how the dog reacted to Nana Zombie. Just like Terminators, Dogs know when your not really human!

Sarah may not fully understand what is going on yet, but she is on edge. After she falls asleep on Joel’s lap his brother Tommy calls him. Tommy took a swing at an attacker in a bar fight and begs Joel to come bail him out. This of course leaves Sarah home alone.

The sounds of helicopters and flashing lights wakes Sarah up. The news is playing an emergency broadcast warning. Mercy, the neighbors dog is at her door. Sarah tries to take Mercy home, but Mercy wants nothing to do with it.

This leads us to our first Zombie Attack. It has a slow build, which left me more tense than if it was a jump scare.

Nana Attacks


Joel and Tommy show up just in time to save Sarah. The trio jump into Tommy’s truck and try to find a way out of town. As they drive away we see another concerned neighbor come out, thinking she just saw Tommy drive over people. The concerned neighbor rushes to help. The infected attack her as the trio escape.

The trio head to the highway to find the military isn’t allowing anyone to leave. Planes fall out of the sky as the three attempt to flee through town. Another driver rams their car, flipping it over. The accident separates the group. Tommy tells them he will meet them at the river. Joel picks up his injured daughter and runs.

The infected are everywhere. Joel makes it to the river only to be stopped by the military. The soldier has orders to shoot anyone leaving the town.

The scene is sad. It hurt to watch.

Twenty Years Later

A child is walking along an overgrown path. He comes through the brush to reveal a world no longer dominated by mankind.

Mankind Lost

The child is captured, tested, and quickly euthanized after testing positive. The rules of this world are cruel but clear. The infected are not people. The infected must be killed.

The world has changed. The survivors use paper chits as money. Joel is desperate to make enough money to buy a car battery. He has to get out west to find him brother who has gone silent. Joel will do anything to get the money he needs. This includes selling drugs and acting as an enforcer.

Ellie Williams

Ellie is played by Bella Ramsey of Game of Thrones fame. The partisan group “The Fireflies” has Ellie in chains. They are watching her, making sure she is still human.

Joel & Ellie Meet

The Fireflies try to buy the same battery that Joel is after. Blood is shed and the leader of the local Fireflies is wounded. Her own plans to take Ellie west are shot. She offers Joel a vehicle and supplies if he will take Ellie. Joel reluctantly agrees.

Joel, Tess, and Ellie escape the compound only to be caught be the corrupt guard Joel was selling drugs to earlier. The guard follows protocol and tests each of them. Ellie’s status as infected is confirmed.

Is Ellie the savior? Is whatever allows her to test positive but resist the infections control what the world needs to survive?

I can’t wait for episode 2!


When You’re Lost in the Darkness not only has amazing actors with great chemistry but excellent writing. The story is the main focus, and it is a story that grips you and holds on until the end of the episode. Because of this When You’re Lost in the Darkness earned a 100/100, making it Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11When You’re Lost in the Darkness100
13Long Long Time95
14Please Hold on to My Hand80

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