Airsoft Post 1 (High Quality Airsoft Rifle)

If I could give one word of advice to anyone thinking they have a shot at surviving once all hell breaks loose, it would be to make sure you practice your survival skills. Having a years worth of food and thousand rounds of ammo do you no good unless you have the skills to survive along with them.

Airsoft is the best thing that ever happened to survival training in my book. I used to play paintball, but it was so expensive compared to airsoft, and the range sucked. There is a reason why paintball fields are built narrow and short, because otherwise you are better off taking hand fulls of paint balls and throwing them.

Airsoft has much better range and you can play all day for less than twenty bucks, or even less, depending on how much you spray and pray.

I’ve had a good twenty or thirty airsoft guns over the last couple of years, but the KWA is the keeper. It has awesome range, shoots hard and has awesome accuracy.

I also bought a high capacity drum mag for it, so when I need to provide covering fire I don’t have to stop and reload every twenty seconds.


  • This gun is accurate
  • Great feel
  • Well built


  • The only real con is the price, but I have to say I’ve burnt through multiple hundred dollar guns in less than three years, while this one has lasted multiple seasons already.  So you pay more, but you get more. 

KWA KM4A1 Carbine, 2nd Generation AEG, 2009 Model airsoft gun

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