Blood Red Road (Dustlands, Book 1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1)Blood Red Road by Moira Young

My rating: 3 of 5 stars



First of all, I was looking for something new, and “Blood Red Road” was getting good reviews. I went into it really looking forward to enjoying it.

The good…
-The story is interesting and the characters are memorable.

The bad…(and I’m struggling here because I really don’t want this to be too negative)
-Saba is a very headstrong girl, but after she realizes she’s being too tough on her little sister and they have a sweet moment, she goes right back to being mean to her. Over and over, and over.
-Saba’s decision making skills are very limited. Her first response to everything is no. Then she gets talked into it. She seems very emotionally limited.
-Where did Saba learn to fight? She had a hard life, but overnight she becomes the “Angel of Death”?
-Why does Jack like her? She’s kinda a pain to him and everyone else. I guess it is just fate. But even fate needs some backstory.
-The fighting was too basic. I was expecting more action with my action, but the conflicts are all covered in broad strokes.
-The langauge. I get that Saba and the others are not well educated. But the phenetic spelling and slang was killing me. It got annoying after a while.

The summary…
I’m going to have to really think hard and long before buying the second book. There weren’t any absolute horrible things that ruined the book for me, but the long series of things adding up really hurt it in the end.

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