Don’t Starve Beta Review

It was one of those weeks. Very busy playing catch up after the long holiday weekend and then my youngest gets sick and is home from school.

He’s sick, and literally dying of boredom. His blood pressure was only 95/50. Time for a stat injection of steam game fun. (Yes, I know I’m spoiling him and am a bad parent, now go away.)

So he finds Don’t Starve on steam and we get to copies. We can’t play together yet, the game is still in Beta and I’m not sure if it is even going to support multiplay, but he wanted us to do something “together” so we both got it and started playing. If you buy it now on steam you are automatically in the beta and get the game for a few dollars cheaper as well.

The high level goal of the game is to collect supplies and survive day be day while increasing the technology available to you and getting better weapons to fight the monsters.

From here on in there are two sides to this story. My son loves the game. He is playing and progressing through the technology tree, and doing a little better each time he plays. You can save and come back to a game at certain points, but if you die, its over.  You get to keep your research points, but you have to start the game from Day 1 once your goose is cooked. Ry is loving it and has been playing for two solid hours since it downloaded.

Me, I played through two rounds and will wait a little while before I make another run at the game. The race to feed yourself before your food bar shrinks seems a bit too rapid, and the game while fun at first, seemed relatively shallow in terms of overall game play depth. I’m hoping that as the Beta goes on and I play a bit more, that opinion changes.

So, as an overall rating I give it a 3 out of 5. I think it has promise, but may not be fully baked yet. But for roughly twelve bucks, it was well worth keeping my sick child occupied for the last two hours.

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