Halfway to the Grave (The Night Huntress Book 1)

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1)Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



This is one of those guilty pleasure books. I read it the first time on vacation after finding it in a bookshop at the shore. That was years ago. Since then I’ve lost the paperback and bought it again, and then bought the kindle version just a few days ago.

I hope that tells you something about the book. Bones and Cat are good characters, and even if the writing is a bit “fluffy” at times, there is enough emotion in the writing that it doesn’t matter.

What do I mean by “fluffy?” I guess at times the action scenes are too fast or too easy. But the book is really about the relationship between Cat and Bones – so it doesn’t matter. Its a bit of Twilight without the sex removed. And Frost does the sex and sexual tension quite well.

Like I said, a guilty pleasure, but a very enjoyable one.

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