Teen Wolf Season 2 – Episode 11

Episode  11 – Battlefield


At the end of episode 10 Scott’s Mom see’s what he is for the first time, slowly backing away from him.  And Scott’s “betrayal” of the other wolves was overheard by Derek.  So Scott is in some hot water.

Episode 11 starts with Stiles (Doh, not Styles – Thanks Kelsey :-)) in the guidance counselors office, talking about Matt’s drowning. And Gerard drops a bomb by using the Kanema to take Scott’s mom hostage in the first five minutes of the episode.  I guess they are building up to the season finale.  They better not leave too much hanging until season 3.

At the end of the episode Gerard tells Scott that if he doesn’t produce Derek Jackson is going to kill someone.  Jackson appears to kill himself and Stiles is abducted.

Now we have to wait until next week for the season capper.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • “Mom, we are going to have to talk about this.” – Scott to his mother about his being a werewolf.
  • Stiles being heartfelt and honest. He’s such a good actor.
  • Isaac can apparently heal animals and so can Scott. Could they heal a human? (like Gerard maybe?)
  • Peter’s review of Derek’s werewolf recruiting skills.
  • Scott’s Mom is a hotty.
  • The coach quoting the speach from Independance Day. I was laughing my ass off.
  • Does Stiles want to get turned? I wasn’t sure if that was what he was asking when he was telling Scott he felt helpless when his dad was getting attacked.
  • The old man telling Scott during the game that if he hasn’t given up Derek by the end of the match, Gerard telling him that he is going to have Jackson kill an innocent person.
  • Stiles getting pounded on the field.
  • Isaac showing up to help Scott. I’m hoping that Scott is beginning to form his pack.
  • Scott saving Isaac in the bathroom.  Seeing him in the mirror was epic.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Scott’s mom is way too understanding of a world she just became aware of.
  • Derek lost control of his pack so easily.
  • Allison hunting werewolves. Her mom’s death has turned her cold.
  • Gerard is going to kill Isaac.

Best Quote of Episode 11:

Stiles dad screaming “My son is on the field.”  When Styles actually get’s to play.



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