Teen Wolf Season 2 – Episode 3

Episode  3 – Ice Pick


Episode three starts out with a creepy abduction at the gas station.  The’ve got her and her dad, and – he’s an ass. Her dad I mean. It is all an excersize. He’s trying to turn her into himself.

There is a new girl, Erica, and she has some strange link to Scott.  And then someone “steals” her while she appears to be passed out. I think it was Derek. Yep, it was Derek. And he has a pretty hot scene with her for just about ten seconds. Apparently he wants to cure epilepsy with werewolfism.

While Derek is building his pack the Argent’s are planning on how to kill as many of the wolves as possible and Derek is mad that he hasn’t turned, but finds out he still isn’t purely human. A1

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Allison’s dad is a complete ass.  But he plays the part so well.

  • Allison’s butt while she’s rock climbing. Nothing like a climbing harness to accent a girl’s *ss.
  • Erica has turned into a hottie.  And, OMG, its Gage Golightly from “The Troop”.  It is so weird to see her dressed like a slut. I usually watch her on my younger son’s show. Getting bit apparently makes you hot…

  • Lydia is losing her mind and it is done very well.
  • Scott kicking some ass. At least until Derek hands him his head.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Okay, so Scott and Allison are supposed to be hiding their relationship. So they take a picture. Really?

Best Quote of Episode 2:

When Derek tell shim to go home if he doesn’t want to fight 3 on 1.

Scott – “I meant fair for them.”

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