Teen Wolf Season 2 – Episode 4

Episode  4 – Abomination


At the end of episode 3 Scott had his butt kicked by Derek and we find out the Veterinarian knows more than he’s been admitting.  Episode 4 starts off pretty much were the last one left off, with the Vet revealing that he knows a lot more about the “other” world than he’s been letting on.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The new monster.  What is the lizard thingy? And what is its purpose.

  • Crazy grandpa Argent having a Howard Dean yelling moment at Allison.
  • Is Jackson or Lydia the lizard monster? Jackson has super strength after the last episode, and Lydia is punching mirrors.
  • Stiles is the best, he had some awesome lines in episode 4. I was actually laughing out loud.
  • Creepy photographer dude taking pictures of Allison.
  • The lacrosse/combat bones breaking game.
  • The fairly low rent costume of the lizard creature.
  • Grandpa Argent sticking a knife in Scott and threatening to kill his mom. It was very creepy but it was pretty well played as well. And I think he is eventually going to want Scott to turn him because he is sick.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Poor Scott waiting out on the hill getting stood up. Even if it wasn’t Allison’s fault.
  • Come on Scott, you are allowed upstairs with Allison and you don’t even try to cop a feel.

Best Quotes of Episode 4:

Quote 1:

Stiles – “You and Allison have to find a better way to communicate!”

This is after Stiles is telling Scott a lot of sweet nothings.

Quote 2:

Stiles – “I mean bestiary, and I don’t want to know what’s going on in your heads.”

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