Teen Wolf Season 2 – Episode 6

Episode  6 – Frenemy


Episode six starts with an awesomely creepy scene of Jackson turning into the Kanima.

It then progresses directly into a full on werewolf versus lizard showdown that ends when Scott saves the old man from the very same lizard. Or did he? I think the old man is actually the guy who put his hand to the car when Jackson was the Kanima.

Okay, overall there were some good action scenes and Stiles keeps the laughs coming.  But I’m going to give it a 3 out of 5 because I feel like they are really struggling for a story line (at least for me) that really keeps me interested. The whole Kanima Argent intrigue isn’t doing it for me.

Things I loved about this episode…


  • Crystal Reed is a hotty.
  •  Stiles has the best lines and his delivery is always spot on.
  • Stiles dad telling him he’s not gay, not dressed like that when he finds him at the crime scene at the gay club.
  • It was quite touching when Scott was talking about doing his best to save Jackson, and Jackson had a tear run down his cheek.
  • Stiles and Scott walking into the police station after Jackson escapes.  It was perfect to find Jackson already there with his dad.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • There is a giant lizard dropping dudes on the dance floor, and no one notices until there are like six or seven bodies lying there.
  • I feel like the whole Kanima thing is getting old.  I want Teen Wolf drama.  not lizard drama.
  • Creepy grandpa taking Allison’s pulse.  There is just something about an older family touching her like that.
  • How much did Pandora pay to be in Teen Wolf?

Best Quote of Episode 6:

Scott – “This place is full of guys. I think its a gay bar.”

Stiles – “Nothing get’s by those werewolf senses.”


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