Teen Wolf Season 2 – Episode 8

Episode  8 – Raving


Come on episode eight.  Be awesome. Seven was a little bit of a dissapointment.

The episode starts with Jackson looking totally zoned out as he cuts in line at the rave.  As if no one would scream and yell at him, regardless of how badass he looks.

Stiles working with his dad and being a smuck was awesome.  Episode eight redeemed.

The Kanima story continues, and we still don’t know if the master is Gerard or the teacher.

The episode closes with some interesting twists.


What do the vet and guidance counselor know about?  They have some power and knowledge, we just don’t know how important they are yet.

Allison’s mom gets bitten.  Is it so they can show her getting killed when she turns, or so they can justify her change of heart?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Stiles running down the crimes with his dad.  Any scene with Stiles is good.
  • The look on Jackson’s face when he gets his ticket, and the way he freaks out the ticket chick.
  • Derek and Scott saying “Save him/Kill him” at the same time.
  • Scott telling Allison that her mom knows they are doing it. “Pencils?” – “Trust me it was bad.”
  • The look on Allison’s mom face when she see’s them kissing.
  • Allison’s mom running down Scott.
  • Styles having a bee the ball moment. Nanana-nanana-nanana.
  • Allison’s mother killing Scott with wolfsbane and a vaporizer.  Very creative way to kill him.
  • Jackson’s possession.
  • Styles – “Out, everyone out.” when Jackson goes apeshit.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Allison’s dad being a d*ck in the morgue.
  • Why would Scott want Allison to date other guys? Please, teenage boys are like dogs with bones.  They aren’t going to share, no matter what the reason is.
  • Stile’s dad losing his job.  That just sucks. It was a very touching scene though.
  • Matt kissing Allison.

Best Quote of Episode 8:

“Are you a witch?”

“No, a vet.”

When they are planning on how to capture the Kanima.


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