The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 5

Episode  5, Say The Word



The Governor’s people are living it up, enjoying the high life that the Governor has bought them, though they are ignorant of the price.

The episode has a lot of great reveals about the Governor’s town. You find out that the Governor is out of his mind (no surprise) and that he is keeping not only his daughter but a small horde of other walkers locked up as well.

Some interesting bits are dangled out there as well. The science geek complains about using all the power for the party while he has experiments going on. What is he doing? I’m sure it is nothing nefarious – you too right?

Meanwhile, while all that is going along, Rick is losing it, going on a walker killing spree with an axe. Glenn ends up going after him. The question is, is he just killing to vent or is he going looking for Lori?  And they never really showed Lori getting shot, they pan away and you hear the shot, but maybe Carl couldn’t do it?  Does Rick end up coming face to face with Lori Walker? Or is his whole deranged episode really come down to the safety of the group? If he kills all the walkers in the cells they wouldn’t have to worry about doors being thrown open again. Then again, maybe he is just losing his f’ing mind.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The creepy reveal about the Governor and what he keeps hidden besides heads in fish tanks. The daughter zombie thing was creepy and a good surprise.
  • I love the way that Daryl is gung ho and ready to roll when the baby needs formula. Although if I was Glenn there is no way I would have let Maggie go.  Not because I think Daryl would do anything to her, but man up. If someone is going to end up in danger, I’m not letting my woman walk into it.
  • Rick going on a zombie killing spree when he loses it.
  • Holy crap, there is something very sick about the notebook full of dashes.
  • Michonne going ninja on the Governor’s stockpile of walkers. You go girl, but I think you may have just pissed some people off.
  • Michonne really is pretty wicked with that sword. She took it from the Governor like he was a noob.
  • Glenn talking about T-Dogg. It was very touching. I love the backstory they give each character.
  • Nice, at least the science nerd from the compound was smart enough to wear something bite proof. I’d be wearing frickin chain mail if I was on walker harvest duty.
  • Daryl has the best quote of the episode. “Hello Dinner.” After he shoots the possum in the day care closet.
  • Andrea finally starts to get it after Michonne tells her no one is allowed to leave and then Merle stops them when they try to get to the gate. And then mind f*cks them by opening the gate.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Daughter zombies. Come on, how many times do you have to see someone keeping a family member and it turns out poorly? Put a bullet in her head and have a nice ceremony to remember her by.
  • Al’s car lot commercial. How did this get onto AMC? Did he buy ad time when it was dirt cheap before the series became a hit? Or do I live in such a crappy market that he can buy time here dirt cheap?
  • Come on Daryl, cover Maggie’s ass while she’s digging around for formula. Some of those hands on the wall looked to have bloody overlays on them. (This part actually had my stomach clenching.)
  • Poor Carl, when he is asked if he has a name for his little sister he names all the dead girls. I liked Daryl’s name better. “Lil Asskicker”
  • What the hell is going on with Rick? Who was the walker that he shot? I thought he was in the closet where the baby was born at first, and was going to find Lori as a walker. (thinking that Carl botched the job)  But I have no idea what is going on now.
  • Walker boxing? What the hell? Would normal people really find that enjoyable after the apocalypse? Especially without a fence between them and the walkers? Maybe if the fight was in a cage and a bit boxer could be easily contained, but it just looks crazy stupid. Even if they really pull the walker’s teeth like the Governor says.
  • So is Carol dead? They found her head scarf but never her body right? Or did they and I missed it? There were three graves dug.

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