The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 7

Episode  7, When the Dead Come Knocking


The seventh episode opens with Merle catching up with Glenn. Needless to say, Merle has an axe to grind. He still holds a grudge because of a little thing like having to cut off his own hand. Merle wants to know about his brother and the rest of the group. He asks Glenn hard.

Back at the prison Michonne gets attacked when the zombies smell her blood and passes out from loss of blood and exhaustion. Carl and Rick end up saving her just in the nick of time.

After saving Michonne the group finds out that Glenna and Maggie are being held prisoner, and they decide that a rescue mission is in order.

In the meantime the Governor takes Andrea into the “lab” and she gets to see what the people of her new community are up to. And I was glad to see that they strapped their patient down.

The end of the episode leaves us hanging. The rescue team is almost there, but Glenn and Maggie are in real danger.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carl taking down two zombies before they can get to Michonne.
  • Carol’s reunion with the rest of the group.
  • Andrea’s butt. It is quite nice. I am wondering if she lost a bet with the directors and has to do all the semi nude scenes this year.
  • Carl picking his sisters name.
  • Glenn kicking some walker ass while taped to a chair.
  • How everyone is just totally relaxed as they get out of the car, leaving behind the walker in the dress. Walkers are just part of the background now.
  • The swarm on the trail when the rescue team is trying to get to Glenn and Maggie. There is just something about a zombie horde that rocks.
  • The crazy redneck in the hut in the woods. Ima just living in the house in the woods. I think he drank too much moonshine. The fact that they used him as food to distract the horde was awesome.
  • The old man trying to bite the idiot Milton. Damn you Andrea for saving the moron. You should have let him get bit.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Merle threatening to cut off Glenn’s nose and then beating the crap out of him. I really like Glenn and Maggie. Their love affair is a bit of sunshine and hope in a very grim world. I really don’t want Glenn or Maggie to die.
  • Do we ever get to find out why Michonne is so pissed? She had some bond with Andrea so clearly she is capable of having some relationship with other people.
  • The Governor making Maggie take her shirt off. I pray that Glenn gets to kill the b#st@rd.
  • Maggie telling the Governor about the prison. I get that she was scared, but she gave everyone up. Her sister and her dad are there.

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