The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 8

Episode  8, Made to Suffer


The eighth episode starts with a new group fighting for their survival. One of them gets bit and they flee over the fence into a destroyed part of the prison.

Meanwhile, back at the Governor’s place Glenn is making an awesome bone weapon from a walkers arm while Rick and his raiding team make their way into the Governor’s compound.

Thankfully they save Glenn and Maggie, but Glenn already spilled the beans about the location of the prison. One of the best segments of the episode kicks off when Michonne separates from the main group and holds up in the Governor’s rooms.

Back at the prison Carl hears screaming and goes to investigate. (Yes, imagine that, Carl running into danger.) He finds the new group and “rescues” them. I was actually impressed with the way he handles himself, which I think might be a first.

There is a messy firefight as Rick’s team get’s out of town. Most of the team as well as Michonne make it but Daryl gets lost in the mix, which leads to the closing scenes of the episode. The Governor turns on Merle, accusing him of helping his brother Daryl. The mid season closes with a shot of Andrea looking shocked, and then its over.

Overall, I liked the episode, but it wasn’t a home run. There were too many story lines which split the time spent on each too much in my opinion. And the ending just sucked for me. I get that they want to leave us hanging so we come back, but they just introduced a whole new set of people into the story line and then leave us hanging on so many fronts.

So I’m mad and giving it a 3 out of 5.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The creepy governor feeding his daughter. It is sick, weird, and twisted.  Yet somehow very powerful.
  • Glen concerned about Maggie and what the Governor did or didn’t do to her. He’s been beat half to death, but he is still just worried about Maggie. They better survive this episode or I will be really pissed.
  • The prisoner telling Carol he thought she was a lesbian because she has short hair.
  • Michonne finding the tanks of heads in the Governor’s house. And then his kid in the cage. The fight scene after that was one of the best in the series.  I cringed and jumped when she got him in the eye.
  • The ads for the movie “Warm Bodies”. I can’t wait to see that.
  • Carl locking the newcomers up. It was the first thing that Carl did in three seasons that was semi intelligent. And the big black dude who is the leader of the new group actually responds in a reasonable manner.
  • The Governor turning on Merle. I love it when the bad guys turn on each other. O

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • It was the end of the first half of the season. How long do I have to wait for more? Too long.  Too Long.
  • I thought it was kind of dumb for Rick to drop smoke to save Glenn and Maggie. What good is smoke when you don’t have masks? I thought it was kinda lame.
  • The firefight as Rick tries to get his people out. If you are in the open and there is a gunfight you are dead. I hate it when people run across open ground when someone fifty feet away is unloading with an automatic. There is just now way you aren’t going to get hit, even with a few smoke grenades in the mix.
  • Michonne leaving the Governor alive, and the fact that he can still partially function with a piece of glass in his eye.
  • Merle has an uzi in the ending scene by the fighting pit. Who the hell has an uzi these days?  Such a fashion mistake.

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