CZ 75 Range Day 3

It was a brisk day today and just a little over freezing. We actually had some snowflakes today. It was a perfect day to head out to the range.

I brought two types of ammo and fired a box of each. The first was the Herter’s Select, which really left me sad the last time I tried it. Either because of the cold, or this was a “good” box of cartridges, I had no problems at all with it today.

2013_CZ_Range_Day_3The second ammo was PMC Bronze. I had one failure to eject with this, but overall I wasn’t unhappy about it. I’ll hold judgement on it until I can put a few more boxes through my pistol.

My next to last two clips showed my usual grouping, low and to the left.


And then, oddly enough, when I went to single hand for my last few shots I nailed the bulls eye.2013_RightHandOnly

So I guess if the zombies are running at my I will have to single hand it. Next time I’ll put a clip through one target with both, then left, then right handed, and compare the targets.

My cartridge count for the CZ is now up to 700 Rounds.


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