While I’ve been able to find some brass around me recently its actually been harder to find 12 gauge slugs and buck in any quantity.

After a few discussions at the range and some quick online searches I turned to Bulkammo.com.

I purchased four cases of ammunition.

1 case Federal Low Recoil Rifled slugs:



1 case of Rio Royal Buck 00 Buck shot:



and finally, 2 cases of NobelSport – 1 1/8 ounce #7 1/2 shot:2013_BulkAmmo_NobleTarget

I live in Jersey, which has some old fashioned gun and ammunition laws, but buying from Bulkammo.com was quick and easy. I paid for my items, uploaded a scanned image of my firearms card, and it was done.

The one thing I added to my purchase was the “overbox” option, as they were going to be leaving some stuff on my porch. I was cheap, and it gave me the peace of mind knowing that anyone driving buy wouldn’t see four cases of ammo if they happened to pull up.

Within four days I had my ammo, no muss, no fuss.

Will definitely be buying from Bulkammo.com again.

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