CZ 75 Best Upgrade



If you are looking for an awesomely compact and smooth shooting pistol, go out and buy yourself a CZ 75. It’s a great shooting pistol and the finish is top notch.

The only thing I did after putting a few hundred rounds through mine was to replace the guide rod.

The stock guide rod uses a flat wire spring and a poly rod. The rod itself if a bit flexible and the “nub” at the end ¬†(red circle below)¬†that seats into the barrel feels weak, and I suspect it would be the first point of failure with long term use. After less than a thousand rounds the nub was already a bit flattened and worn.


When assembled, you can see the poly rod at the tip of the weapon.

2013_CZ_PolyRodSo, after a few cycles of firing, cleaning, and assembly, I purchased the steel guide rod and a new 14lb spring to replace the flat wire spring from the factory.

2013_SteeleGuideCZ75The steel rod will obviously not flex like the poly rod, and the steel nub on the end of the rod that sits in the barrel should last the life of the gun under most circumstances.

Plus, it looks so much better to me with the steel rod versus the poly.



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