Dead Air (2009)

Dead Air (4 out of 5 Graves)

I somehow missed this little gem back in 2009 but my brother was kind enough to send me a copy. If you like the zombie genre, you will appreciate “Dead Air”.  The dice were rolling in my head after I saw it-two, four, two, four. Which one did it land on and why?

Obviously I gave it the four. Let me know if you think I was too generous. The movie was well paced, true to itself, and had a decent ending.

Now we’ll talk about the spoilers and why it might have been a two…

There really isn’t too much that is terribly new here. A virus turns people into monsters, and it is unleashed for political purposes. The normal series of events happen, but each of them is well acted.

The end is, well, exactly what you expect for this genre. It is slightly open to interpretation, and I chose to believe the dose of anti virus he got will save the main character.

So, why if it was pretty standard fair was it a four and not a two? I think the credit for that goes to Bill Moseley as Logan.  He basically carries the film with his story telling ability as he talks on air throughout the whole movie.


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