Defiance Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode  4 – The Devil in the Dark


The episode starts with Nolan taking down some gun runners who work for Datak Tarr, not realizing that the town council (but not the mayor) had been in on the deal. This puts  Mayor Amanda Rosewater in a tough spot, as she is forced to act like she A.- Knew about it and B.- that she supported it.

While on her way to go find Nolan Amanda gets confronted by an angry towns woman and has a flashback to when her and Kenya “lost” their mother years before.

Kenya and one of her girls end up being taken b a synthetic drug manufacturer, forcing Nolan and Amanda to hunt them down for a rescue.

Meanwhile in the McCawley mines Quentin fights with his father over the old man shutting down the shaft his older brother was working on. What’s hidden in that mine shaft that the Ex Mayor and henchman are willing to kill for.

Nolan and Amanda end up a Datak Tarr’s, knowing that the only bioman in town works for Datak after a witness tells them that Kenya was taken by the big guy. This kicks off a series of events that ends with Stahma blackmailing Amanda, telling her that if they want Kenya back, they better appoint Datak to the town council.

In the drug camp Kenya and her girl are hooked up to be milked to make the blue devil and being forced to feel panic to help the milking process. Kenya realizes that she is not awake and pulls her milking plug, escaping just in time to be half rescue by Nolan and Amanda.

At the McCawley house the old man and Quentin have a heart to heart, and the old man shows Quentin what his brother was hiding, what he found in the L7 shaft.

After the rescue Kenya realizes that Amanda wasn’t telling her the whole truth about their mother and forces her sister to tell her what really happened.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The wife complaining to Amanda about her husband sleeping with Kenya. The woman calls Kenya a slut and Amanda slaps her. Way to stand up for your family Amanda.
  • Kenya telling Nolan that she doesn’t want his money. She wants their “meetings” to be about fun. When a working girl tells you that she doesn’t want money I think that is love.
  • When Datak and Nolan are at the

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Poor Amanda, having to see Nolan in her sisters room. I think she likes Nolan too.

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