Defiance Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode  6– Brothers in Arms


The episode starts with Eddie, a bounty hunter chasing down a fugitive only to have Nolan nab his target. It turns out that Eddie and Nolan were soldiers together and were both there when Irisa was rescued as a child.

The fugitive apparently knows some things about Doc Yewll that she would rather not have shared, but she declines the offer. Eddie is trying to talk Nolan into handing the fugitive over when Tommy comes in and lets everyone know that the fugitive is Paul Madis, a big time arms dealer.

Meanwhile “Aunt Nicki” the ex mayor, visits Quentin in a coffee shop, finding him reading a book that has some strange symbols on it. It is very clear she’s very keen on finding out what Quentin knows, and she thinks he has the artifact.

Paul Madis escapes using a bit of explosives and then recovers his brief case full of goodies using a neat little shock coin to kill the fellow who found it.

Datak Tarr ends up in Paul Madis’ control after eating some food that had been contaminated with nanytes. Nolan and crew end up running Datak and Paul down on the road, and sends everyone else to escort Datak home, leaving only Eddie, Nolan, and Paul Madis out on the road.

It turns out that Eddie wasn’t running Paul Madis down to bring him to justice, but to turn him over to the highest bidder so he can make weapons for them. Nolan takes care of business just about then.

It turns out that Eddie is a bad guy, but he does the write thing in the end.

Back at the McCawley house Quentin kills the mayors lackey, choking him out and then snapping the fellows neck.

Back in town Nolan meets up with Kenya and asks her to spend some time with him, but she blocks him completely, afraid that she is falling for him.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Irisa doesn’t like Eddie from the start. She has a good sense of people.
  • Nolan telling Kenya she’d never get between a lady and her work, and then Kenya taking Eddie up to the room and switching herself out for two other girls. I like the way she is smooth.
  • Kenya telling Amanda that she has never not been able to do her job. Amanda tells her that she’s falling in love, but Kenya doesn’t really want to hear it.
  • Irisa telling Nolan she doesn’t like Uncle Eddie, even if he was good to Nolan in the war.
  • Paul Madis feeding Datak Tarr and then using whatever he put in the food to bring Datak down.
  • Nolan taking care of business with Paul Madis.
  • Nolan telling Eddie to go ahead, take me in for the bounty, but you have to tell them that Irisa is dead, that her safety is the only thing that matters. A real father will gladly die for his children.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Nolan telling Kenya she’d never get between a lady and her work. He should have told Eddie it bothered him.
  • Poor Tommie, trying to hit on Irisa and getting shot down. All she wants to do is sharpen her knife.
  • Eddie turning on Nolan at the end. They were supposed to be friends, but Eddie still wants the money for the bounty on Nolan’s head.

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