Defiance Season 1- Episode 8

Episode  8 – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times


The episode starts with Nolan and Tommie rolling through the desert looking for an arc fall. When they find it, the craft is full of old earth technology, including a space capsule and old uniforms that Nolan seems to recognize.

I little deeper in they find cryogenic pods full of dead humans, and a single living survivor. The survivor looks up and asks Nolan if they are Americans, which makes me think he has no idea what has been going on down on the planet. I wonder how long he’s been asleep? I’m guessing its been a while because he is totally disoriented when he wakes up while they are rolling through defiance. Nolan totally gets it though, and he tries to ease the astronaut into the here and now. The poor fellow thinks its 2013. What a horrible year.

Back in Defiance the earth republic black hat, Connor, tries to recruit Amanda to come to New York.

Meanwhile, Datak Tarr gets pissed when Kenya tries to do a change up on him, trying to replace her services with that of another. Datak is none to pleased. Is this a sign that Kenya is trying to get out of the “business” to be with Nolan? Whatever her reasons, Datak is none to happy. He leaves, and is shocked to find Stahma bathing by herself.

Connor however isn’t doing so well. After having a nightmare and sleep walking to the living room he tries to strangle Amanda and then ends up in the lock up where he has some sort of self induced harming seizure. During this, Nolan see’s that Connor bleeds silver, and realizes that the kid ain’t really human.

This leads to the realization that Connor is really an alien assassin and that Doc Yewll knew he wasn’t who he said he was the whole time. The assassin loses it when he finds out and breaks lose before the earth republic sponsor can take him back to headquarters to be used as a propaganda piece against the aliens.

Mr. McCawley ends up finding Connor in the mines and tries to talk him down before he can hurl himself into the underground lake. I’m not sure if I know why Mr. McCawley is trying to talk Connor down but it was a very touching and humane moment. At one point Connar asks Mr. McCawley what he should do if he’s not as strong as him and Mr. McCawley tells him he should jump.

In Amanda’s office the earth republic black hat, who is an old boyfriend, warns her that the earth republic wants her out of the way so they can move forward with their plans for Defiance.

The last seen in the episode is Nolan interrogating Doc Yewll about what she was doing and how involved she was with the “Pale Wars” when a young woman comes in and collapses. Before he can find anything out the Doc is calling for everyone to gown and glove, they’ve got some space ebola on the loose, cutting off his questions until the next episode.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Nolan telling Tommie that if he hurts his daughter he is going to be finding out a lot more about god than he wants.
  • Stahma in the tub. She’s not as hot as Irisa, but she’s easy to look at.2013_Defiance_E8_Stahma_Tub
  • Mr. McCawley and Nolan talking about Connor and their toast. “To wherever he may be.”
  • The best part of the episode was Connor walking up behind his ex bride. I guess I’m just a true romantic at heart.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Poor Connor, waking up to find everyone thinks your dead and your wife, if she’s alive, is in her 60’s.
  • Damn, Kenya wasn’t holding out because she likes Nolan, she was doing it because she thought doing Datak would hurt Stahma.

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