Delta Three Outfitters


So I recently found some hard to find M&P 22 clips at the Delta Three Outfitters site.

It was the first time I’ve ever used them but was really happy to find the items I wanted, as they are going on eBay for $20 bucks more than the MSRP – meaning I could get three clips from Delta Three Outfitters for the price of two from eBay.

I know I am spoiled but a week after making the purchase the order status still says “Awaiting Payment” which I found really odd.  So I looked through their site and found two interesting messages.

Please note: The overwhelming number of emails and phone calls we are receiving may make it difficult if not impossible to reach us currently. Order shipping times for in stock items are estimated at 10-15 days.
“Awaiting Payment” – Means we do not bill your Credit Card until we ship your order.

So I get that things are a bit crazy right now when it comes to purchasing anything related to firearms. But the vague status of the order really bothers me. If they turn out to be out of stock I’ll be a bit pissed.  On the other hand, if they do ship and they are just slow, I won’t mind so much.

But even then, it seems like they really need to look at their business model and figure out how to staff their business so they can handle any increased volumes.  The messages above were posted in Dec of 2012, so they’ve had five months to try and catch up.

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