In-Wall Safe

I think the best protection from people putting their hands on things you don’t want them to is put those things out of sight. If you can’t see it, you are not going to be tempted to touch it or try and steal it.

That’s where the Stack On IWC -55 in wall safe comes into play. The reality is that it isn’t so much a safe as it is a locking cabinet. This works really for me, I like the fact that this in wall “safe” can be put pretty much anywhere.

Remember not to put it on an exterior wall, you don’t want to create a gap in your houses insulation and make a cold zone.  Not good for your guns and not good for your house.  You will also want to put a cross base along the bottom when you install it and use your own deck screws. The heads of the ones that came with the unit are made out of butter.

My other major point would be that if you are looking for a heavy duty safe, or a fire safe, this isn’t for you. It’s not going to stand up to someone really trying to get into it, and its not going to protect anything from a fire.

It’s primary benefit is that it can be easily concealed in a wall and takes up zero space because of it.

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