Man on Fire (2004)

Man On Fire (5 Out of 5 Graves)

This is one of my favorite go to movies.

Denzel Washington play an alcoholic ex-soldier for hire looking for work in the tough streets of mexico as a domestic body guard. He’s hardened and drinks to dull the pain of memories that only get revealed in flashes of gunfire in his nightmares.

He’s hired by the questionable head of the Ramos family to protect his wife and daughter, and things rapidly spin out of control as soon as he is hired.  Mr. Ramos has orchestrated a plan that goes south as soon as it begins, setting up  Denzel’s John Creasy to go on a killing rampage as he attempts to get revenge for the loss of the only thing that’s made him feel in a very long time.

Man On Fire is a touching and powerful movie.

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