Multiple Car Collision – It Was Zombies

Officer: So why did you steal the semi truck from the nice man who was giving you a ride?

Jerimiah: The zombies caught up to us and I had to shake them loose.

Officer: Hmmm, you been drinking son?

Jerimiah: No, I’m telling you, we need to run, there are zombies coming!

I wish I was making it up.  But poor Jerimiah Clyde Hartline, 19, was arrested after stealing an 18-wheeler while the driver was filling out some inspection papers and plowing it into several other cars.  What makes it worse was that the truck driver had been giving the kid a ride, and when he turns around and leaves the truck for a minute Jerimiah starts having acute zombie fears.

Of course, this is only funny right up until the moment the kid plows into you screaming zombies, and while the state police are hand cuffing him, the horde shambles down the street.  🙂


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