Range Day – Clays In The Cold

The most important thing when the zombies hordes are swarming is that you feel comfortable doing what needs done. If you have a shotgun and a pistol, but you shoot once a year, you are going to be screwed. Sorry, its a fact of life, and your highly probable death.

So how do you fix that? You need to get out to the range and feel super comfortable handling your weapons and gear. Its cold out, oh crap, its hard to load a shotgun with gloves on, no matter how tight and form fitting they are. Better to learn that now than when you have a biter in front of you.

Oh, and its a ton of fun shooting clays too. I took my brother in law, his son, and one of my older boys out for a day of clays and we had a ball.

We teamed up, old versus  young, and kicked their butts. We had a five point “mercy” rule where we stopped counting anytime we were five points ahead, so we won by five points.

We then finished off with a sudden death round. My boy went out first, then me (I thought I turned the safety off, but couldn’t feel it not click with my gloves on so missed my first shot, doh!!!)  But it was a perfect example of how something small could cost you your life.  My brother in law shot next and missed 1 out of 5, and then my nephew hit all five, so he took the win.

My nephew hit, miss, and hitting a clay:

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