Remington Target Loads Review Update

I polished off the rest of the box of Remington with the  help of my shooting buddy. After going through the whole case of Remington Target Loads (250 shells) we had a total of 7 failures to extract and 1 failure to eject.

I should have taken a picture of one of the failures to extract but was so mad I forgot. We both thought we had a rod in our gun bags, but they were both left at home. So while we were able to grab some of the hulls (the caps popped right off) and pull them out with needle nose pliers, we had one of our four guns down for the rest of the day after the cap not only popped off, but the hull was fired half way down the barrel.

Compare that to  four cases (1000 shells) of Winchester Target Loads fired so far this year without a single failure of any type.

Guess what type of ammo I’m never buying again? (At least their Target loads. I have a couple of boxes of Remington Slugster I plan on firing at the rifle range. If that craps out too I’m going to be a really unhappy camper.)



Rounds Fired

Failure to Extract

Failure to Eject

% Failure

0 %

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