Spearmint – Yeah SpearMint

Spearmint. Oh, you meant Spear – pause – Mint. Quality humor there!

Consider this my official review of Cyanide and Happiness. Yes, there cartoons are sometimes dark. But the dark is always mixed with some fun.


If you enjoyed the cartoon and have a bit of a dark sense of humor I highly suggest getting the Cyanide and Happiness Joking Hazard Card Game as well! Or you can just buy someone the empty Joking Hazard Box if you want to hurt someone. For real though, I guess the empty box is to store cards but it seems like a really cruel joke if you buy it for someone and give it to them empty. Don’t do that!

In any case, I hope the Spearmint cartoon inspires you to go read some more Cyanide and Happiness cartoons and enjoy all the good humor they provide.

If you are looking for an actual spear and ended up here by accident I’d recommend reading up on this awesome Cycle Spear.

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